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January 2021 – Page 2

January 2021


Two weeks ago, I was simply looking forward to the end of 2020 – without a doubt the worst year I have been on the earth. I wrote about this in the article: R.I.P. 2020! But 2021 is off to fucked up start too.

I will not rehash this week other than to provide some bullet points of this week’s craziness:

  • MAGA Patriots began assembling last Saturday and Sunday, in Washington, DC, for the Stop The Steal Rally
  • Antifa/BLM counter-protesters came right in with them – often being bused into the capital
  • Monday and Tuesday witnessed peaceful events during the MAGA rally
  • Wednesday we watched as VP Mike Pence presided over the certification of Electoral College votes from November’s stolen election
  • Wednesday we also witnessed the extreme anarchy – which the #Leftists embrace – as Antifa thugs masquerading as MAGA Patriots attempted to take over the capitol complex
  • On Thursday, the drunkard Nancy Pelosi, urged Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office
  • On Friday, Twitter permanently suspended the account of President Donald Trump

While I will not take a deep dive into any of these events in this article, other than the last bullet point, you can read my thoughts on the other events by clicking on the articles below:

Will the Wrong be Made Right? – written the day before the certification of the Electoral College

Patriots or Traitors – written on Wednesday before the Electoral College certification

Have we lost our Republic? – written Thursday after the events at our capital

Yesterday’s Great Conservative Cleansing

I woke up yesterday morning and was deep in thought while I was drinking my morning coffee. You see, I do some of my best thinking when enjoying my morning caffeine. And the one thing which kept lighting up my brain neurons was that Donald Trump is actually needed more as a private citizen. He was never able to DRAIN THE SWAMP – as president – because he was fighting a fully entrenched DEEP STATE. I firmly believe that his higher calling is to create a new party – the Patriot Party. Because of Trump’s faithful MAGAs – numbering over 75 million – he is the only person who can form a party to compete with our current two party system. For more of my thoughts on this, check out my article, Where We Go From Here.

Okay, let met get back on track here…

The first indication that something evil was happening yesterday was when I was on Twitter promoting yesterday’s blog post. As usual, I was dropping my Tweet into groups I am in and I noticed a few Patriot accounts being suspended. Then the floodgates opened. Literally hundreds of my favorite Tweeters were suspended. I have been on Twitter long enough to have seen a few accounts here and there being nuked – but never anything like the purge I witnessed yesterday.

Around 5:30 PM yesterday, I fully realized this was a Conservative Cleansing when Twitter suspended President Donald Trump’s account:

Full on Communist Censorship

At first, I was simply shocked – not believing it could be true. How in the hell can a private company remove the president’s ability to communicate with the American people? We know the Mainstream Media (MSM) refuses to provide Trump a platform to communicate. He has been effectively muted. This may well be the most Marxist event we have YET TO SEE in the United States. While the #Communists in the MSM, print newspaper and social media have loathed Trump since he came down the escalator, this really is fucking unacceptable. I believe it is a threat to our national security to silence our Republic’s chief executive officer.

What is going on right now is straight Orwellian: a total totalitarian state. But it appears that George Orwell had the year incorrect – it was to be 2021 – not 1984. Who is complicit in forming this totalitarian state? There are a lot of complicit bad actors: Democrats, Democrat Socialists, RINOs, the MSM, the print press – and especially social media/tech: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc., etc. Most of the sheeple do not pay much attention to the MSM, New York Times, The Hill or the Huffington Post. They get their news from Facebook and Twitter. And these entities totally control what the masses get to see. So with the expunging of so many conservative voices – and our great president – Twitter has effectively participated in The Great Conservative Cleansing. And sure, we are seeing a host of new “free speech” platforms like Parler, MeWe and Gab. But these are being pushed into the periphery – if not the grave – by Google and Apple’s threat to remove their apps from their respective app stores. And what reason have they provided for giving such a threat? That these apps do not restrict conservative voices. So, the battle for FREE SPEECH is just now ramping up.


We have never witnessed the things we are seeing today, brothers and sisters. As difficult as it has become, we must KEEP THE FAITH. I have pretty much lost all hope that Trump has any chance to remain president. But I do truly believe his higher calling is to rescue us conservatives from being forced to vote for the lesser of two despicable evils – Republicans – and he has recently mentioned starting a social media platform. Let’s all stick together. Our country needs us more than ever.

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

Good morning bikers, Patriots, gun lovers and friends! Today is Friday, January 8, 2020 and Donald J. Trump is still our president! This week has been a bit crazy – to say the least. We have witnessed a beautiful Stop The Steal Rally in Washington, a stolen election Georgia, the certification of the Electoral College, the storming of the United States capitol complex and the murder of an unarmed female Air Force veteran. Did I say it has been a crazy week? ?‍♂️

Then, our president spoke to us last night:

A Peaceful Transition of Power Speech

While I am not sure this was a concession speech, Trump has committed to a peaceful transition of power to the faux Biden/Harris administration. Or is it the Harris/Biden administration? I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. The #Leftists have stolen the election and their chosen one will be inaugurated in a couple of weeks.

And while the washed up drunkard, Nancy Pelosi, has called for the implementation of the 25th Amendment – to remove Trump from office immediately – for inciting the protests at the capitol – he was the only one using his position to implore the protesters to go home. What a crock of steamy fucking #DonkeyShit! She is a disgrace to her office and only wants to drive a wedge further between the left and right.

Then, to add insult to injury to the 76+ million Americans who voted for Trump, #Facebook, #Instagram, #Twitter and #YouTube all put restrictions, or a two week lock, on the official accounts of Trump. This is censorship, plain and simple. These tech giants were complicit in the stolen election, and because of Section 230, they will not be held accountable.

But perhaps the most disgusting thing I witnessed during the entire week was the way the Republicans turned their back on Donald Trump:

Most of the supposed conservative legislators, who turned their back on him, owe a debt of gratitude to Trump. They were elected/reelected – because they rode in on Trump’s coattails. To watch them turn their backs on a president who is loved by so many, was so disappointing. And true conservative patriots will not forget this during the next election.

So this morning, Trump posted that he will not be attending the Biden inauguration:

Part of me is disappointed in his decision. As a student of U.S. history, this reminds me of when our second president, John Adams, after one of our country’s most contentious elections, quietly left DC in his carriage, before Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration in 1801. He was vilified for doing so and I am guessing Trump will be also. But I am also sympathetic with his decision, for anyone with a mental IQ of 30 realizes he was the victim of the biggest theft in world history – his reelection.

Is This Trump’s Last Ride?

Now that I have begun to accept the fact that Trump will not be giving his second inaugural address on January 2021, I have to wonder what his future holds. I believe he knows that his country still needs him. All of his accomplishments will be swept away like “chaff in the wind.” And. He. Knows. This. I honestly believe he will not desert us when he knows we need him now, more than ever. But what is his next service going to be?

My beautiful gal, @RacieSicilian, posted this earlier today on Twitter, and she may be onto something:

When Trump was campaigning in 2016, he said he would DRAIN THE SWAMP. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a campaign promise he was committed to accomplishing. But there is not a strong enough man in the world to do this. He never imagined the array of powerful forces which would flank his every move to do so. He was the leader of the Republican Party and they undermined him every step of the way, because they are the establishment, and as much the problem as the Democrat Party.

Trump is an incredibly smart man. I believe he has come to the conclusion that he has more important things to accomplish as a private citizen. He knows he has an army of digital soldiers who will always support him. Hell, he has an army of proud Patriot soldiers who would literally fight for him. If he asked. But he isn’t going to call us for that task.

In order for Trump to literally drain the swamp, he needs to decapitate the beast: The Republican Party. We are all talking about being part of the Patriot Party. But in all actuality, there is no such thing. And we all know that 3rd parties have done nothing in the past but splinter the vote – and lead to the election of the worse of two evils. But Trump can coalesce his 76+ million supporters into the Patriot Party. This would slay the evil forces arrayed against the American republic. And it would push every single RINO out of office. And that would be so sweet. All establishment politicians desire power. They are addicted to power. There would no more fitting pyre to their deaths than Trump slaying them all with proud Patriot Party candidates!


I fully believe that Donald John Trump has been called to a higher duty. He cannot drain the swamp, as president, without the complete support of those he is trying to slay. But he can bring all of us together under the YUGE umbrella of a glorious new party: the PATRIOT PARTY! God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump. We will never desert you, sir, because we know you would never desert us!

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

Yesterday was one of the saddest days in the history of our great Republic. We witnessed anarchy on a level never before seen – eclipsing even the riots following the death of George Floyd. Oh, wait, who the fuck is George Floyd? Of course I am being sarcastic, but the Left no longer needs Mr. Floyd as their poster-boy and have moved onto more important things – like Senator Schumer (D-NY) calling for invoking the 25th Amendment today! You just cannot make this shit up. Sorry, I digress. Let me get on to talking about what I had originally planned to rant about!

So over the past several days, Patriots have assembled in Washington, DC to support President Trump at the Stop the Steal Rally. They came by plane, car and train and numbered in the 100s of thousands! Yes 100s of thousands! Two days ago, while all the patriots were assembling in DC, Georgia had its runoff senatorial elections – and of course – the #Leftists stole the election there too. This certainly did not help the mood of all the Trump supporters rallying at the U.S. Capitol. With the newest #ElectionTheft in Georgia, emotions boiled over in the District.

Typical MSM headline on January 6, 2021

Yesterday, after Vice President Pence called the special joint session of congress together to count the Electoral College votes, protesters stormed the Capitol complex. But the real news about the rioters is the fact that all of the Mainstream Media (MSM), #Leftist talking heads on Twitter and the #Leftist newspaper rags referred to them as “Trump Supporters.”

Antifa Call To Action – Dress as Trump Supporters

Yes there were Trump MAGA supporters in the Capitol. But by and large, the rioters were #Antifa anarchist thugs. And they were dressed as MAGA supporters. This has been planned for months now. Taking over DC and disguising your social justice purposes (see the image above for the Antifa call to action). But most shocking for me is that the Capitol LEOs appeared to be complicit in the riot – letting the protesters in the backdoor. And for more proof of #Antifa impersonating Trump supporters, check out this video. The Trump supporters are yelling out that the rioter is #Antifa! And when have you ever seen peaceful MAGAs wearing helmets and destroying property – especially government property! Never!

Antifa thug breaking a window of the U.S. Capitol

The chaos continued for much of the afternoon until the police finally were able to disperse the crowds – after which the joint session of congress got back together late in the evening to do as Pence said, “Our constitutional duty.” What a fucking bunch of horse hooey! They did their faux duty and confirmed #CreepyUncle Joe Biden in the early morning hours of January 7, 2021.

RIP Ashli Babbitt

The moment Ashli Babbitt was shot in the neck and murdered

By far the most disturbing event of yesterday’s disturbing events was the murder of 35 year old Ashli Babbitt. Babbitt, a Trump supporter, is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a native Californian. Based on media reports, she had posted her plans on social media and as the fucking Washington Post wrote, “[she was a fervent Trump supporter and echoed] many of the president’s conspiracy theories and false claims of mass voter fraud.”

The WaPo is nothing but a damned extension of the #Leftist #DemonRats and have slandered this young dead woman.

35 year old Ashli Babbitt was murdered in the Capitol on January 6, 2021

Sadly, if the Capitol Police had not allowed Antifa thugs to sneak into the Capitol complex, young Ashli may still be just an unknown Trump supporter. In the video shared above, the shooter is not identifiable but certainly doesn’t appear to be a LEO. Who murdered Ashli Babbitt and when will the thug be arrested? If it had been a white cop who shot a black man, you know damn well that the officer would have been arrested and Black Lives Matter would be calling for blood. Honestly, I have serious doubts that the shooter was a LEO. I believe it was one of the #Antifa fuck heads that the Capitol Police allowed to covertly enter our nation’s now blood tarnished capitol building.

National Guard stationed at the Lincoln Monument in DC – January 7, 2021

Ironically enough, after months of BLM/Antifa protests – with little engagement from law enforcement or the National Guard – authorities quickly called in the National Guard to protect historic sites yesterday. Why were they so quick to respond when the threat was claimed to be conservative patriots – MAGA supporters? In my opinion, yesterday’s events in the District of Columbia were an embarrassment. Our great republic is better than this. But we sure showed all of our ugly warts yesterday.


My disgust with our country is beyond words. We have totally gone from a “land of liberty” to a land of anarchist mob rule. If you cannot win an election fairly, you steal it. If your cause is embraced by the left, you can do no wrong – and you will seldom be prosecuted – even if you murdered someone in cold blood. Meanwhile, a total of four conservative Trump supporters were killed in DC yesterday. You will not hear much about this in the MSM because they condone such acts if they are MAGA. Today I pray for God’s Blessings on our country. I pray for eternal peace for Ashli Babbitt and the other three people killed yesterday. But mostly I pray that we can save our country for future generations. Amen.

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

We are witnessing the slow death of our Great American Republic! There is no longer any time to sit idly on the sidelines, brother and sisters! Last night, for the second time in two months, we witnessed the theft of our most sacred institution: our electoral process. We have waited for some adjudication from the court system. We have stood in support of our constitution – and our president. Today, the very fate of our country rests with Vice President Mike Pence and both chambers of congress. Will they prove to be Patriots or Traitors?

One thing is for certain: if they fail to act, we will see a massive paradigm shift in our country. The #Leftist #DemocratSocialists will have made a massive stride forward and their promises will be one step closer to becoming a terrifying reality!

  • Packing the Supreme Court
  • The Green New Deal
  • Amnesty for illegal aliens
  • Medicare for All
  • Free/Affordable housing for all
  • Sanctuary cities/states
  • Defunding all Police
  • Abolishment of ICE
  • Abolishment of the Second Amendment and confiscation of legally owned firearms
  • Abolishment of fossil fuels
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.

Today, the Grey Beard Biker implores you to PRAY. Pray for our elected representatives and vice president to have the courage to save our Republic. The path forward has become clear and singular: do not count/seat the electors from states who willingly participated in the theft of our elections. Send the election to the individual state legislatures – providing each state one vote! It is our last hope and must be done. If this doesn’t happen today, the mobilization of Patriots will be our only option! I am locked and loaded!

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

So we are in the middle of two critical days in our country. Today, voters are headed to the polls in Georgia for the runoff elections for both Unites States senators. I hope only living voters cast votes. And those who legally live in Georgia and are at least 18 years old. God knows, we have witnessed enough voters voting from six feet under. ?

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Donald Trump supporters are gathering in Freedom Plaza to support our president as he fights forces of evil for his very political life. And I might add – the very life of our constitutional republic. For I know this – if we cannot trust our elections to be fair there is no need for me to ever go vote again. The #Leftists will continue to print enough fake ballots to win every single election.

Georgia Senate Runoffs

Georgia Senate candidates: Warnock, Offsoff, Perdue, Loeffler (L-R)

The United States Senate balance hangs on the runoff election today in Georgia. If both incumbent senator, David Perdue (R-GA) beats Jon Ossoff (D-GA) and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) beats Raphael Warnock (D-GA) – the Republicans will maintain their majority in the upper chamber of congress. If one wins, and the fraudulent presidential election is not overturned, #KneelingKamala Harris will become the tie breaking vote in the senate – as vice president. If both Georgia senate seats are won by Democrats – we are fucked.

I do not have much confidence in the integrity of this special election because:

  1. Democrats and bad actors were encouraged to move to Georgia to cast votes
  2. Early voting has been an absolute mess with little chain of custody of the ballot drop boxes
  3. Dominion Voting machines are still being used in Georgia
  4. Stacey Abrams has been harvesting ballots from other states
  5. DemonRats just cannot be trusted

So far, the polls in Georgia are very close. Some show the Democrats slightly ahead and others show Republicans with a slight lead. The fact that it is so close, when both Ossoff and Warnock are Marxists, is so surprising. Hopefully Donald Trump’s campaign rallies for these two candidates will protect our majority in the Senate.

Stop The Steal Rally – Counting of Electoral Votes

It all comes down to the Electoral College

Also going on today is the Stop The Steal Rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. As I type this, I am watching General Mike Flynn rally the crowds. He just stated, “I am embarrassed that our country cannot get the presidential election right.” We know some things about this rally:

  1. Patriots from all over the country have traveled to Washington to show their support for Donald Trump
  2. The city is in a near lock-down as people have to show ID and hotel reservation confirmation to even enter parts of the city
  3. The Proud Boys are in DC
  4. Antifa/BLM are there to counter protest and generally spread anarchy in the DC streets

Inevitably there will be violent clashes between Patriots and Traitors

The big event is tomorrow when both chambers of congress come together to witness Vice President Mike Pence count the electoral college votes. We already know numerous representatives and senators have come out and said they will protest the seating of electors from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. And the final ace we have in our hand is Pence denying the votes from the electors of those six states. The hope of all freedom loving Patriots hang in the balance of these events.


I am very concerned for the future of our country. At a minimum, we need to win both Georgia senate seats. We really need to win both of them and have the stolen election overturned. I pray it is the latter. If it is anything less than this, I am afraid we may be headed to our second Civil War.

What say you? Please feel free to drop a comment below.

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

Many of your are aware that I write self-defense/Second Amendment articles each month for several widely read publications. So, besides having ridden millions of street miles on two wheels, I am very proficient and knowledgeable about firearms and self-defense. I have trained in self-defense for many years including the following disciplines: Close Quarter Combat (CQB) with firearms and fixed blade knives, batons and Krav Maga. Additionally, I have shot both pistol and rifle competitively for many years. While I am by no means an expert on ballistics and the physiology of a mortal gun shot wound – I am very well read on both.

So yesterday, I posted a poll on Twitter asking everyone what caliber pistol was their favorite. Twitter polling does not allow a lot of choices in their polls, so the options I provided were: .45 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG – the latter of which is my favorite caliber. More on this later. But lets look at the poll:

The poll is now closed and the final results are:

  1. 9mm = 54%
  2. .45 ACP = 23.4%
  3. .40 S&W = 13.2%
  4. .357 SIG = 9.4%

These results do not surprise me in any way. 9mm is by far the most popular cartridge in semiautomatic pistols. I am sure .38 Special/.357 magnum would have done well also, but since I no longer carry revolvers, I only included the semi-auto calibers. The .357 SIG cartridge was included because it is my favorite caliber. If I had substituted .380 ACP in its place, I am guessing it may have changed the stacked rankings a bit.

But one comment on my poll caught my attention:

My response is as follows:

Let me just say this. Stopping power is not a myth. There are several things which need to be understood to understand what creates “Stopping Power.”

Key Factors Determining Stopping Power

  1. Caliber
  2. Distance to the bad guy
  3. Kinetic energy of the projectile
  4. Type, size and weight of the projectile/bullet
  5. Placement of the shot

Many of these are interconnected. The size/weight/type of the bullet + the distance to the target determines the kinetic energy the projectile will deliver. The placement of the shot determines the amount of kinetic energy absorbed by the target’s tissue.


Any caliber of gun, from .22 short rifle to a 50 BMG, can dispose of a bad guy. Period. But it is a proven fact that a larger caliber (diameter) projectile will create a larger wound channel.


Distance to the bad guy correlates directly to how much kinetic energy is slammed into the thug’s vital tissue. The closer you are to the bad guy the more damage a well placed shot will do.

Kinetic Energy

The release of kinetic energy into the violent thug is the most important of these five factors and depends wholly on each of these factors. And the kinetic energy directly correlates to the severity of the injury and how quickly the shitbag is incapacitated.

Bullet Weight/Type/Diameter

The weight and size of the bullet is key to determining “stopping power.” The type of bullet: hollow point, frangible, ball/full metal jacket (FMJ) or plated determines how the projectile acts when it hits the target.

Shot Placement

All things considered, shot placement is what will get the job done quickly with any caliber of bullet. If you plunk the thug in the heart or cranium it will take the fight out of them quickly. While you may be able to consistently hit the “10” ring on a paper silhouette or the head on a paper figure, that is not the real world. If you are using a .22 rim-fire out of a short revolver, hitting the head or heart in a scary, confusing, fast moving altercation is not easy. You certainly do not want to rely solely on luck to save your life.

Understanding Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy Formula

Any moving object creates kinetic energy. A coin dropped from a 100-story building is going to create kinetic energy as it falls to the ground. It will reach a certain speed in the fall, gain no more, and hit the pavement below. When it hits that pavement it will stop (and probably bounce) – the initial impact will release the majority of the energy of its mass into the pavement. In fact, it will probably crack the cement from that height. Each successive bounce will have significantly less energy than the initial impact – until the coin is at final rest and has no energy.

Now let’s look at a coupe real-world examples of the kinetic energy of my preferred calibers for personal protection. I hand roll all of my defense ammunition using Speer Gold Dot bullets, on shiny new Starline brass with Winchester primers. As I am working up the dopes (recipes) for a given caliber and bullet weight, I will try multiple powders and multiple powder weights. I will then shoot them through my chronograph to get the mean velocity of a batch – which has the best compromise between velocity and accuracy.

Here is an example of my preferred recipe for .45 ACP personal protection ammunition in a full sized 1911:

Caliber.45 ACP
Reload Date16 November 2018
BulletSpeer Gold Dot HP
Bullet Weight230 grains
Powder MfgAlliant
Powder TypePower Pistol
Powder Charge7.1 grains
Primer MfgWinchester
Primer NumberWLP (large)
BrassStartline +P (New)
Cartridge Overall Length (COAL)1.200″
Mean Velocity (as tested)975 FPS
.45 ACP 230 Gr Gold Dot – Preferred Dope (recipe)
Note: This is for reference only – work your own dopes up slowly with a reputable reloading manual

Now, that I know the velocity, at 10 foot (where the chronograph was placed), and the weight of the projectile, I can calculate what the kinetic energy of this ammunition will be at 10 foot distance. I plug it into my custom built calculator and come up with this:

This recipe will create 486 ft/lbs. of energy at 10 feet

Now, here is the same calculation, with my preferred reload recipe for my favorite everyday carry pistol: my SIG Sauer P226 Legion in .357 SIG.

Caliber.357 SIG
Reload Date26 July 2018
BulletSpeer Gold Dot
Bullet Weight125 grains
Powder MfgAlliant
Powder TypePower Pistol
Powder Charge8.3 grains
Primer MfgCCI
Primer Number500 (small)
BrassStarline (New)
Cartridge Overall Length (COAL)1.135″
Mean Velocity (as tested)1,442 FPS
.357 SIG 125 Gr Gold Dot – Preferred Dope (recipe)
Note: This is for reference only – work your own dopes up slowly with a reputable reloading manualx

Once again, I know the average mean velocity of my most accurate recipe at 10 feet. With that, I can plug the numbers into my calculator to get the average kinetic energy of this round at 10 feet:

This recipe will create 577 ft/lbs. of energy at 10 feet

Remember, kinetic energy is the force which a projectile (bullet) will have when it hits the target (person) at a certain distance. How that force reacts – and how much force remains – is dependent on several factors: distance to target (the further away, the less energy), type of bullet used – FMJ, hollow point or frangible – and where your bullet strikes. Obviously, especially with a handgun, where the bullet slows quickly, the potential energy which hits the target will be far less at 30 feet than at three feet. That is just simple physics. I will only say one thing about the bullet type. If you are using anything other than a jacketed hollow point projectile, you are putting your life and innocent people’s lives in danger. And this is why:

  1. FMJ/hardball ammunition was the ammo of choice for years. Whether it be in war, LEO use or personal protection use. But this type of bullet was replaced with a more effective bullet years ago: the jacketed hollow point. The reason that the FMJ has been kicked to the curb by law enforcement is because it does not expand. Without expansion it passes right through the bad guy’s body and perhaps into an innocent bystander standing nearby. And because very little energy is absorbed by the bad guy, unless you hit a major bone group, he is free to keep coming at you until he bleeds out.
  2. A recent craze in personal protection ammunition has been frangible rounds. In theory, the frangible round quickly breaks up into dozens of little metal shards. I know, it sounds very good. Like a shotgun, right? It would be like a shotgun if it had the energy of the shotgun shell. But even if the person is wearing very light clothes, these frangible bullets essentially shatter and become very small pieces. The weight of those pieces determine the kinetic energy of each piece – in other words they lose all of their energy because they weigh next to nothing. They will not pass through a rib or a sternum effectively. If it is winter, and the person has layered their clothing and has on a heavy jacket, this problem will only be amplified.

Each of you can make the decision on what caliber of gun you carry and what type of ammunition you load in it. But, I would highly recommend staying away from every type of cartridge besides the jacketed hollow point. The modern jacketed hollow point is designed to get adequate penetration and unload every bit of its kinetic energy in the thug – while not passing through them – jeopardizing others. That is where “Stopping Power” comes from.

The physiology of a fatal gunshot wound

When a person is shot, it creates tissue damage. Some tissues, like skin and lungs, have low density and high elasticity. Most often, if these are the only tissues damaged, the person will not die as quickly (the caveat being the lungs – more on this later). This low density, high elasticity tissue, reduces the amount of energy the tissue has dumped into it – and the damage done. Muscle has higher density and less elasticity than skin and lungs, so more energy will be released into muscle than into skin and lung tissue. Bone has high density and low elasticity. When a bullet hits a heavy bone mass, it will shatter the bone (if it still has enough kinetic energy) and if it is a jacketed hollow point, it will greatly expand and cause severe tissue damage and bleeding once in the body. Organs like the brain, liver and spleen are severely damaged because they lack elasticity. Fluid filled organs like the heart, large blood vessels, bladder and bowels have higher density because of the fluids, so tremendous amounts of energy will be released into them by the projectile – usually causing them to explode – doing tremendous damage.

What will quickly incapacitate a bad guy – eliminating the threat he posed moments before? First, we must examine the effect a bullet has going into the human body. It creates a wound channel. The smaller the wound channel, the less damage it does (BIGGER is always BETTER). The penetration and quick release of energy creates a shock wave as it penetrates tissue, muscle, bone and organs. This shock wave slams through adjacent tissue, organs and bones causing extensive collateral damage. In the case of a FMJ bullet, the wound channel will be there, but the accompanying release of energy will not be as great, allowing the bullet to completely pass through. The optimum bullet is going to hold together, expand greatly and dump all of its energy in the body cavity. This dump of energy, and the damage it does to tissue surrounding the wound channel, is what causes rapid incapacitation. The shitbag will quickly go into shock and bleed out. And while the first paragraph in this section spoke about the lungs being of low density and high elasticity, today’s modern hollow point ammunition has to go through muscle, and also bone, to get to the lungs. By this time the bullet has fully expanded and is dumping its energy as it enters the lungs. The mushroomed bullet will tear apart the lung tissue with the lungs rapidly filling out with blood. The bad guy is well ventilated and will quickly cease to be a threat.

Because stopping power is a function of the size of the wound channel and the tissue damaged by the resulting shock wave, it would be good to look at the kinetic energy popular calibers create.

Kinetic energy of popular handgun calibers

CaliberKinetic Energy (at muzzle)
.22 Short (29 gr)77 Ft/Lbs
.22 Win Mag (45 gr)112 Ft/Lbs
.25 Automatic (35 gr)74 Ft/Lbs
327 Federal Magnum (100 gr)435 Ft/Lbs
.380 ACP (90 gr)162 Ft/Lbs
9mm Luger (124 gr)262 Ft/Lbs
.357 SIG (125 gr)577 Ft/Lbs
38 Special (110 gr)220 Ft/Lbs
357 Magnum (125 gr)434 Ft/Lbs
.40 S&W (165 gr)396 Ft/Lbs
10mm Automatic (180 gr)590 Ft/Lbs
44 Magnum (240 gr) (long barrel)1,008 Ft/Lbs
.45 ACP (185 gr)371 Ft/Lbs
.45 ACP (230 gr)486 Ft/Lbs
Sample table of Popular Handgun Calibers – Kinetic Energy


Any handgun caliber, from a 22 Short to a 44 Magnum, can be lethal. There is a tradeoff between high kinetic energy smaller caliber round, like 327 Federal Magnum, and a large caliber, high energy round like the 44 Magnum. You need to choose your handgun carefully and make sure you are comfortable shooting it. My recommendation is to shoot the highest energy round, in the largest caliber you can handle. Cartridges like .357 SIG, 357 Magnum, 10mm Automatic and 44 Magnum have significant recoil – and often a large muzzle flash/blast which will make you easy to spot in dim light. My recommendations for average shooters are:


The 9mm used to be much maligned by LEOs and self-defense instructors. Their observations were that it would often take several rounds to incapacitate a criminal and if they were wearing heavy clothing the bullets would not fully penetrate the body cavity. With today’s quality personal protection high-velocity 9mm ammo, the 9mm is a fantastic choice for self-defense and offers great stopping power – all with relatively low recoil.

.40 S&W

In the 1980s, with criminals using body armor, the FBI needed a more powerful cartridge than standard .38 Special and 9mm. After much testing the FBI selected the 10mm – which is also known as 10mm Magnum. But during agent qualifications, they found that many veteran agents could not handle the recoil of the 10mm. Their accuracy with this cartridge – especially on follow up shots – was terrible. So they went to famed shooting instructor Jeff Cooper – who along with Smith & Wesson – created the 10mm short – which was quickly renamed the .40 S&W. It offered significantly more “stopping power” but with noticeably less recoil and muzzle flash. Since its inception it has become widely used by LE – because it offers the best compromise of stopping power and manageable recoil. While this caliber definitely has more recoil than the 9mm – it has close to 70% more energy.

.45 ACP

The .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) has literally been around for 110 years. It does not offer the velocity of the .40 S&W or 10mm, but it is very easy to shoot and the recoil is very manageable. The fact that it packs over 450 Ft/Lbs of energy with a 230 grain hollow point, and creates a huge wound channel (nearly 1/2 inch entry wound), makes it very lethal. And with that much energy, the shock wave created around that large channel is devastating. This is why this caliber has lasted over 100 years.

This article is designed to be both informative – and entertaining. If you stay with the common handgun calibers, and use quality factory hollow point ammunition, you will have more than enough horsepower to take care of yourself. But you must practice ALL THE TIME! If you cannot hit your target, center-mass, nearly every single time, you either have too much gun or you have not practiced enough.

#2A #MolonLabe #ComeAndTakeThem

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

I have written before about how the #Left has played the long game for decades. Most recently in my blog post: The Long Game of the Left. They cannot fundamentally change our #Republic without controlling our thoughts and censoring opposing views – views which most Americans will fully embrace – like: Freedom, Liberty and the Peaceful Pursuit of Happiness. As long as the majority of our citizenry embrace the beliefs of our Founding Fathers the Liberal Socialists cannot be successful. If they control the narrative they will control us.

Here are some of the key things they will have to do to beat us Patriots:

  1. Control the flow of information that Americans can digest
  2. Stifle the free speech of those they disagree with
  3. Brainwash the youth through indoctrination
  4. Keep repeating outlandish claims until the populace believes them
  5. Remove religion and faith from public discourse
  6. Control access to firearms
  7. Make the citizenry dependent on the State

Let’s take a look at each of these key ingredients:

Control Access to Information

Freedom of the Press no longer exists

It is no secret that the media and press have controlled access to information for many years. They will report endlessly on things which they agree with ideologically but suppress access to information which contradicts their preferred narrative.

A perfect example is how the Mainstream Media (MSM) and leftist newspapers covered the Hunter Biden laptop story in the weeks leading up to the November 3rd General Election. After the New York Post broke the story, far left rags like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and The Hill quickly came out and wrote editorials calling the New York Post desperate and blasting holes in their article. All their editorials dismissed very solid reporting by the Post and defamed the computer repair shop owner who blew the whistle on Hunter Biden. And what about the coverage on top MSM outlets like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC? Nearly zilch. They ignored it, preventing millions of people who rely on their news reporting to access critical information in the days leading up to the election.

Through disinformation and slanderous editorials these organizations have taken an active roll in brainwashing the American public – and the electorate. While this is nothing new, they are more brazen now and do not care that it is so obvious.

Censorship of Free Speech

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube censor free speech

I have only been on Twitter for 18 months. I started with @GreyBeard_Biker in July of 2019 to promote this blog. I had built a base of followers nearly 65,000 strong before TWATTER suspended my account in July 2020. Not to be silenced, I started a new account, @GreyGhost_Biker the same day. After 4 1/2 months I had built this account to nearly 30,000 followers. #JackAzz at TWIT suspended that account on November 6, 2020. Being that I am stubborn as fuck, I started @ghostbiker2 the same day and built it to nearly 20,000 followers in 5 1/2 weeks. The #AssnozzleJack took that account down on December 23. What a big fucking Merry Christmas from the Censorship prone Twitter. At this point, I was nearly done with this bullshit. But my beautiful Tarheel gal, @RacieSicilian convinced me that I could not let this stand. I could not allow #JackAzz to silence me. So on Christmas Eve, I started my newest TWATTER account: @Cigars_Harleys. Today, I am a couple hundred followers from 3,000.

Why do these tech giants and social media companies continue to do this? Because conservative patriots are much more organized and their reach within these platforms is much more significant than that of #Snowflakes, #Socialists, #Communists, #Marxists and #SoyBoyz and their purple haired #SoyGirlz.

The first time my Twitter account went down, I immediately received an email from Twitter saying my account was suspended. It provided directions on how to appeal the suspension. Because they were taking down so many conservative accounts, they were inundated with appeals. When Twitter suspended my last two accounts, I did not even receive emails. They obviously didn’t want to be bothered with my appeals.

This is censorship of the highest magnitude and because these companies make you agree to their “Terms of Service,” there is literally nothing you can do. The only recourse is for the Federal government to repeal Section 230 which protects these #Communist companies from being sued.

Brainwash our Youth

The Brainwashing of our Children

I am an old Grey Beard Biker. When I was in primary school in the 1960s, the only real controversial thing which we witnessed was desegregation – something which was way overdue. During my high school years real history was taught, there was no #CommonCore and no #ParticipationTrophies given out. Rarely did you hear about what Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan said in speeches. We were truly innocent. ???

By the time my kids were in school, in the 1980s, our educational system had been taken over by the youth of the Saul Alinsky generation. The far #Leftists of the time knew that they had to play a long game and slowly indoctrinate our children through a constant drip of propaganda. By the time my children were of voting age, in the early 2000s, the damage had been done. A large majority of young voters were solidly far Left Democrats by the time George W. Bush ran for president in 2000. This has continued for three generations and will keep continuing until we change our educational system – especially that of post secondary state run schools. Unfortunately, so many parents raising kids in the 80s and 90s did not recognize what was going on and let their children be taken over by #Communists.

The very far Left has won the long game in this chapter of their playbook. Until we break up the Department of Education, and all of the state education boards, the only hope for preventing this indoctrination is through the home schooling of our youth.

Make outlandish claims, and repeat

Lie, Lie, Lie – And Keep Repeating the Lie

Whether it be the MSM, Leftist newspapers or #Leftist politicians, their tactics remain the same. Make outlandish claims. Repeat them. Repeat them again. And keep repeating them. At some point, a large portion of the populace begins to believe what they are force fed.

We witnessed this in the most YUGE way when Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Hell, even before the election we heard about #RussianCollusion. Everywhere you turned, a #DemonRat politician was claiming that the election was stolen due to Russian hackers. It was all over the news, with the MSM repeating the same narrative constantly. Like. Every. Single. Night.

The same can be said for #GlobalWarming, #ClimateChange and the #GreenNewDeal. The #Leftists have continued to say the most existential threat to the world is Global Warming. After their narrative began to lose traction – in the early 2000s (remember Al Gore?) – they changed the name to Climate Change. They lined up scientists who used #FakeScience and called those who didn’t ascribe to their claims #ClimateDeniers. They repeated their claims over and over and over again. They never tired of the narrative and more and more people believed that we were 100, 50, 20 or even 10 years away from our own extinction. But no solid science confirms their claims.

Over the past eight months we have lived with the narrative that all conservatives are racists. Hell, since Charlottesville, we have been told that Trump is a white supremacist and all of his supporters belong to skinhead groups which still lynch black people. While I will not deny there are racists, they are few and far between and are condemned by the vast majority of conservatives – including Donald J. Trump. But with the rise of Black Lives Matter (#BLM) and Antifa, the left has been very slow to deny calling them out for what they are – domestic terrorist groups. Conservatives believe All Lives Matter. Including black lives. But these groups have the media and #Leftist politicians in their pocket and continually claim they are peaceful protesters. What a fucking bunch of hooey. They are violent anti-American terrorist groups wanting to change the very fabric of our country. And it is so ironic that Antifa claims to be Anti-Fascist. The very fact that they will attack other peaceful protesters proves their name is an oxymoron. They are the fascists. But as long as the MSM and leftist politicians continue to say, over and over again, that they are peaceful protesters, the uninformed populace will continue to swallow their narrative hook-line-and-sinker.

Remove Religion from Public Discourse

The Left: No Religious Freedom without Freedom from Religion

When our Founding Fathers wrote our Bill of Rights, they made sure to include this key clause:

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion…”

With perhaps the exception of the Second Amendment, no other portion of our country’s founding documents has been more perverted by the #Leftists than the first 10 words of our Bill of Rights. They throw around the term, “Separation of church and state.” But they fail to acknowledge that the Founders did not intend to have a Godless country but a country without a mandatory religion of the state – like England’s Anglican Church. The Founders firmly believed that religion had a place in our government and in 1956 our great nation adopted, “In God We Trust,” as our motto.

The #Leftists have continually worked to remove every symbol of God from American discourse – and every government place. And while politicians like Nancy Pelosi, and the alleged president-elect, Joe Biden, claim to be Catholic, they fully support the murder of unborn babies. The acceptance of abortion is not congruent with any Christian faith – so the #Leftists continue to push for a faithless society in the United States. And simply put, a country founded on the premise that, “All men are created equal” is not compatible with the far #Leftist beliefs which Saul Alinsky eschewed in Rules for Radicals. This treatise that the new Socialist Democrats embrace cannot prosper in a country which freedom or religion exists. And this is exactly why the #Leftists attack religion so fervently. We must not allow these alleged Christians to take away our Christian underpinnings.

Diminish – and preferably kill – the Second Amendment

The Right to Bear Arms Shall Not be Infringed

Without guns, Americans cannot suppress tyranny. Plain. And. Fucking. Simple. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with a militia the way the left tries to pervert the meaning of militia. The militia is not the National Guard of a state – but rather the entire citizenry of each state. The Founding Fathers would not have written the #2A any differently even if they knew that one day there would be “Scary Black Rifles” and “Weapons of War” available to the general public – which is not to say that the AR-15 is a weapon of war. That is only what the #GunGrabbers want you to believe. Until “select fire” rifles are available to the general public, the general public has no access to weapons of war. Period.

What these far left political hacks want us to believe is that you can get rid of gun violence by limiting – or eliminating – access of law abiding citizens to firearms. This is a lie. And. They. Know. It. The criminals will still have illegal firearms and still kill other criminals – and innocent citizens. What they completely understand is that they cannot tyrannically suppress freedom loving patriots if these patriots continue to have access to guns. Adolph Hitler knew this and he confiscated guns from his citizens. There would be no blind allegiance to his form of tyranny as long as his country had guns to resist the shackles he wanted to impose. It is no different today. The #DemonRats know they can only push us so far before we fight back. And fight back HARD.

I have written about this in greater detail in my article, “The Second Amendment.” (Yes, I know it is a very original title!) Please check it out if you love our Second Amendment!

Create a State of Dependency

Remember me? I am Slick Willy!

The Democrats have been working hard on creating a #SocialistState since FDR introduced the New Deal. Unlike his uncle, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt believed that a country dependent on the Federal government is a populace which could be controlled. And while the Great Depression was a terrible time to live through, this old Grey Beard Biker would propose that this current time, with the #COVIDHoax, BLM/Antifa riots and a #StolenElection, is every single bit as dangerous for our great Republic as the Great Depression. In fact, it is more dangerous.

While it may have really started with the #NewDeal, the #Socialists have continued to make Americans more dependent on the Federal government. Here are some programs which smack of #Socialism: Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, Food Stamps, free school lunches, Obama phones, #ObamaCare (ACA), Earned Income Tax Credit, etc., etc. The list goes on and on. And while I do not believe it prudent to get rid of programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, these programs have created a country which does not promote personal responsibility.

Today, the far left #DemocraticSocialists want to only increase our dependency on the #NannyState. Currently, these politicians are proposing sweeping new social programs: Single Payer Healthcare (Medicare for All), Student Loan Forgiveness, Free Housing for the People, free child care for all, free college and the expansion of Child Tax Credits. These programs would bankrupt the United States and make all Americans more subordinate of the Federal government. And while the socialists love socialism when they can take other people’s wealth, they no longer like it when it takes theirs.

But don’t let these wacky leftists make you believe they really care about the poor. What they care about is absolute control. Because if they can control you, they will have absolute power. And as they say, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” These huge social programs are in fact an albatross to a democratic republic. They are there to create a perpetual state of dependency which you cannot extract yourself from. It leads to total censorship of divergent ideas, confiscation of books, a government press and media, government industry, government farms and the confiscation of private property. Am I being extreme? No, I think not.


We are at a critical juncture in the United States. We are at a crossroads which, if you turn the wrong direction, you cannot make a u-turn. The road is too narrow and there are no pull offs. And it is sharply downhill and very icy. We cannot allow the theft of our country – and that starts with the theft of a free and fair election. Joe Biden stole the election and will not give up the power which he knows comes with the presidency.


The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

Thank God! Praise the Lord. 2020 is officially in the books and it may well have been the most fucked up year ever! Honestly, I am glad I made it without doing any jail time – because there were plenty of times I would have ripped some Soy Boyz throats out. Needless to say 2020 was definitely the Chinese year of the Snowflake! ❄️

I am starting 2021 with some New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Travel on two wheels as much as often – making it about the journey – not the destination
  2. Fight like 1776 to save our Sacred Republic and @realDonaldTrump
  3. Never let my voice be silenced – even though #JackAzz at Twitter tries to silence me!
  4. Enjoy life to the fullest with my beautiful gal: @RacieSicilian
  5. Melt as many fucking #Snowflakes as possible

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock all of 2020, you might want to catch up with my year in review by clicking HERE. Or just watch it on my YouTube channel:

The Grey Beard Biker’s 2020 In Review

So, today I am starting 2021. It will be much the same way I have started nearly every new year – with a New Year’s day ride. I have ridden ever single New Year’s Day for nearly as long as I can remember. I have ridden in 10 degree weather and 70 degree weather on this largely symbolic day. I have been caught out in snow and rain. I think I have only missed one of these rides in recent memory and that was because it was icy out. So, at 1330 hours my time, I will be heading out with Rob, Steve, Poj and Jay. The destination is unknown, as it’s all about the journey.

May you have a blessed 2021 Bikers, Patriots, and friends! Keep up the fight for what is right! #StopTheSteal!

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab