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Happy Monday, friends, patriots and my brothers and sisters who prefer to be on two wheels! While your ever whiskery Grey Beard Biker rides 50+ weeks a year, many of you are not able to do that because of where you live. But even here in Middle Tennessee, I am one of a select few bikers who will actually gear up enough to ride when it is in the upper 30s or low 40s. In fact, myself, Rob, Poj, Jay and Hank are the only people in my group that never park their machines for a little winter slumber. I ride often enough on my bikes that I do not even use a battery tender this time of year. I count myself very blessed to say the least.

Over then next couple of weeks, we will inevitably have some spring like days with temperatures in the low 70s and bright sunny skies. This will inevitably cause some stirring in the biker community and the bikes will be unplugged from their battery tenders and awakened from their winter hibernation – at least until the next time the temps drop back into the 40s for two or three days. ?

Eyes on the Road – We’re back!

We have all seen this sign!

I use this heading every year around this time. I almost always write this specific post – although I did not write one last year. Actually, I probably am a bit premature this year in writing this public service announcement (PSA), because even with the upcoming warm weekends – most bikers will still be inside or driving their cage to their favorite watering hole. But inevitably, a larger than normal amount of bikers will be venturing out over the coming weekends. And simply put, cagers are not used to seeing motorcycles. I see it every time I ride this time of year. People are shocked to see me geared up and riding. There just aren’t that many bikes out right now. But what I also see are the people who look right through me preparing to make a left turn across my lane. They literally seem to stare right through you and then pull right in front of you.

Tennessee passed a state law several years ago – I believe in 2017 – which made it illegal to use your phone while you are in your car unless you are hands free – even if you are at a stoplight. But it amazes me when I ride along divided four lane highways in this state. As you are approaching a car, from behind, you can always tell the person who is either reading their phone or texting. The law seemed great, and a step in the right direction, but people don’t really care and will text and drive – or, worse yet, they have a soccer mom’s van full of screaming youngsters. Talk about a damn distraction! I pity that person which is in that vehicle and might prefer to put a bullet in my cranium than trade places with them – but they are out there.

And while signs like the one shown above are all over the roads in Tennessee – and the message is great – one has to wonder if they make any difference whatsoever. Maybe. But not likely. Quite simply put, your safety when motoring around on your scoot is pretty much ?% on you. Period. I do like seeing people’s bumper stickers, or window stickers, which say “Look Twice, Save a Life – Motorcycles are Everywhere.” Every time I see one, I know that it is a biker or his/her significant other driving. And I will bet a $100 bill that more often than not – you will not see the person sporting that sticker driving around with their eyes on their smartphone.

Now, as we move more into the late spring and early summer months, drivers will see bikers better. But probably just barely.

I came along this video today on one of the YouTube channels I follow: DanDanTheFireman – a big time biker. Note, that it is very graphic – but you do need to watch it because this is literally what we deal with year round on two wheels.


After watching the video, several times, I could not tell if the young man – who died at the scene – was riding unsafely. Honestly, he appeared to be traveling at an appropriate speed for conditions. But the person driving the 18-wheeler either didn’t see him – or just believed the rider would/could slow down. As the deceased rider sees the semi commit to the turn, he starts to take evasive action. But there was literally no where for the rider to escape. Unfortunately, some accidents – including highway deaths – are unavoidable no matter how prepared you are.

Take Your Safety Into Your Own Hands

Those snazzy little PSAs and road signs are great. But at the end of the day – your safety while riding – depends on you – and how you ride. There are things you can do to help ensure you arrive safe at your destination – to ride another day.

  1. Know your bike: Make sure your bike is in good mechanical order – especially brakes and tires. Do your pre-ride checklist paying special attention to tire pressure and all of your safety lights: headlamps, brake lights, turn signals and side running lights.
  2. Gear up. While I am guilty of riding in jeans and a tank top during the summer months – I do accept the risks of road rash which comes with the decision. But you will always find me wearing riding boots, riding gloves and a quality DOT certified helmet. When it’s cold – like now – I usually wear much heavier gear which includes body armor. Don’t be that guy or gal – and I am personal friends with many of you – who go out in their shorts and flip-flops for their afternoon ride. You look really damn silly – and even a minor accident is going to hurt significantly! Remember – Dress for the Slide – Not the Ride!
  3. Be seen! Wear clothing that stands out. If it is dark – make sure your riding gear is reflective. This is obvious, but make your location visible when you are riding. If you are scooting along on your scoot and tailgating a car immediate ahead of you – or worse yet a large truck – drivers on side roads cannot see you. You may well not be seen until the car drives right into you. Always look well ahead,. If you are approaching a green light plan on it being red when you get there. Slow down. Down shift. Go into “RED” mode as these type of intersections are where most bike accidents happen. As you are approaching the intersection take a second and look both ways. Idiots are out there who still run red lights.
  4. Ride Defensively: Look well up the road/highway. You are eating up pavement very quickly. This makes things happen quickly too. If there is any traffic around you – you need to be scanning the road for potential hazards – including road debris. And speaking of road debris, the most dangerous road debris you will ever find is common to see on the interstate – the thrown retread tires from heavy trucks. They weigh upwards of 100 pounds and riding over one is a very dangerous proposition. Even worse is having to dodge one coming off a big truck. They will bounce unpredictably and if one hits you at highway speeds, it will hurt you – and potentially kill you. For this reason, I never follow a large truck closely and when I have an opportunity to pass them – I waste absolutely no time. I will downshift and hammer it because they have very large blind spots and can make very unpredictable moves depending on what is going on ahead of them.
  5. Escape Paths: Always be cognizant of escape paths. When you are riding in traffic – or even out in the country with little traffic – try to always have an escape path. This includes when you are sitting at a stoplight. I have had several friends who have been rear ended by a car while sitting at a stoplight. Monitor your mirrors while you are there. If someone is barreling up to you – you having identified an escape path may well save your life.
  6. Speeds kills: Motorcycles are fast. Faster than most any car. It is very easy to twist the throttle hard to get that big smile on your face. If you are going much faster than the traffic around you, you are not riding defensively. You are putting yourself at serious risk. There is a time and place to go fast. It is not in traffic.
  7. Look through curve: Experienced riders already do this if they are like me and enjoy dragging their floorboards. If you are not looking through the curve/turn you go off the road. But by looking through curves, I am speaking of looking all the way through them. Is there a side road in the curve, is there a slow moving vehicle on the other end? Or perhaps a very large truck coming through the curve at you? These are all things which make it critical to have a proper entry speed into the curve. You can always roll the throttle once you are in the curve to drag boards.
  8. Lane usage: A motorcycle only takes up a portion of the lane. Do not ride in the middle. Riding in the middle of a lane in traffic can put you in a serious blind spot for cars which may pull out of side streets. Choose the side of the lane which provides you the most visibility in potential danger zones like intersections. And do not tailgate the car ahead of you.
  9. Ride within your limits: This seems like a real no-brainer, but I see a lot of young – or inexperienced riders – who think they were blessed with God’s gift of being the best motorcycle rider ever. Some of the most egregious examples – often ending in death – is when a biker is not riding within his/her limits often happens in group rides. This is especially true in the mountains. You will see groups of riders try to navigate a twisty mountain road and keep up with more experienced riders. This can cause them to cross the center line into oncoming traffic – or ride off the road. If you are new to riding – or if you are on road types you are not used to riding – take it easy and ride your own ride.


We all love to ride. Hell, I ride between 15-20K miles per year. We all want to live to ride again. Take your safety seriously – and if you ride with your gal – like I do my Racy – ride defensively so you do not hurt your loved one. Appreciate the cute little “Look Twice – Save a Life” signs – but realize that those PSAs are rarely seen and so many cagers still have their eyes glued to their smartphones. Until next time, keep the shiny side up – and the rubber on the road.

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I have owned more firearms than I could ever possibly count. I buy, sell, and buy some more. My first firearm was a Remington 870 12 gauge which I hunted pheasant, ducks, geese and deer with growing up as a teenager. When I became old enough to legally own handguns, I started with revolvers – because Dirty Harry was a revolver sort of guy. ? But it wasn’t long before I started buying semi-automatic pistols because they were easier to load than a six gun.

Naturally, this fascination with pistols took me directly down the path of 1911s. The 1911 has been around, well, since 1911. Based on the poor stopping power of the Colt M1892 revolver, the U.S. Army decided they needed a self-loading pistol in a caliber not less than .45. Enter John Browning. He would design the M1911 Colt pistol chambered in .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP). Browning’s design would beat out prototypes from Savage and DWM. His pistol design would be manufactured by many different companies to supply the U.S. Army’s needs during World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. And while the U.S. Military would adopt the Beretta M9 in the mid-1980s, the 1911 is being used by Special Forces units through present day.

I have owned 1911s made by Colt, Smith & Wesson, Dan Wesson, Kimber and SIG Sauer. While I have had excellent experiences with the Kimber pistols, I prefer a stainless steel frame – not an alloy frame. I have owned several SIG Sauer 1911s and have always been very impressed with them. My most recent 1911 purchase, a couple of years ago, was the 1911 We The People. I was immediately attracted to the gun – from a cosmetic standpoint – but also because it hearkens back to an earlier time before light rails started appearing on 1911s. It is traditional.

We The People 1911

SIG Sauer – 1911 We The People

The first thing people notice about this pistol is the grips. They are made of aluminum and have raised stars to enhance your purchase on the pistol when shooting. “1776” is engraved on one side of the slide, with “We The People” engraved on the ejection port side. Lastly there are 13 stars engraved just forward of the rear sight – representing our original 13 colonies. SIG got all the cosmetic details right on this pistol – including adding a distressed finish to the slide and frame.

But don’t be fooled. This pistol is all business. It is a full sized 1911 with a 5 inch barrel. And unlike newer 1911 designs the barrel is fully supported by a heavy bushing. With its finely checkered front and rear straps it is easy to shoot with the overall pistols weight – 41.6 ounces – making follow up shots more accurate. Unlike its older cousins, SIG’s We The People sports SIGLITE tritium sights, making it something you could use for personal defense in low light conditions.

Shooting the We The People

The SIG Sauer We The People 1911 is very accurate

I normally do not wait two years to write a review of pistols I use. But I must admit, I do not want everyone else to buy one of these. It is a conversation starter among friends and strangers when they see this gun. Since I bought this 1911 I have shot roughly 1,500 rounds through it. My normal break in procedure, for a new pistol, is go to the range with lots of my reloads. I will mix things up in the magazines as I load them – rotating between powder types and bullet weights. On my first outing, I shot roughly 300 rounds through the WTP of hard ball full metal jacket reloads. Of all of these rounds, I had one failure to feed – and it wasn’t the pistol’s fault. Upon examination, I found the brass was not to my normal standards and it should have never made it through my inspection before going in the ammo box.

After the 300 rounds of FMJ, I mixed some jacketed hollow points in with the FMJ reloads. I have been able to make many pistols – not just 1911s – hiccup when doing this. I experienced no problems. Not one. My last exercise with the WTP was to shoot multiple brands of JHP factory ammo through it to make sure it didn’t get indigestion from any certain hollow point. This pistol ate everything I put through it that day – with no problems.

Is the WTP accurate? First, let me offer this caveat. I am not interested in trying to see how many bullets I can put through the 10-ring on a paper target. I am interested in keeping all of my rounds in center mass- being able to have quick follow up shots and fast magazine changes. The SIG Sauer 1911 We The People overachieved – as my target above, demonstrates.

Final Thoughts

SIG Sauer – 1911 We The People (.45 ACP)

After my initial range testing with the We The People pistol, I spent a lot of time working up a good recipe for my personal protection ammo. After many chronograph sessions and lots of range time, I have settled on Starline +P brass, with 7.1 grains of Alliant Power Pistol, the WLP Winchester primer and a 230 grain Speer Gold Dot bullet (NOTE: never trust anyone else’s reload data. Work your own up. This is provided for informational purposes only). This pistol is very accurate with this dope and produces a very consistent mean velocity of around 950 feet per second.

This time of year, when I am wearing heavy clothing, I will often carry this pistol in either a Galco shoulder rig or an Alessi outside the waistband (OWB) custom holster. Both of these rigs offer plenty of support to make wearing a full sized stainless steel 1911 comfortable.

If you are in the market, for a new 1911 platform pistol, I would highly recommend SIG Sauer’s We The People. In today’s firearms market, almost any gun is hard to find. The We The People 1911 is not an exception. If you can find it, expect to pay close to $1,300 for this piece. But even at that price point, it’s a value. Please check out the photo gallery below. ?

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

The We The People sports a stainless steel frame
Stainless Steel Slide – with the long SIG ejector
5 inch carbon steel barrel
The We The People is a very traditional 1911
Tear down and assembly of the We The People is like any standard 1911
The We The People sports a 5″ barrel with a solid bushing for accuracy
This pistol is all business with nice touches like the 13 stars on top of the slide
The We The People in my Galco shoulder rig – with two extra magazines for 22 rounds of power
The We The People in my Alessi holster

Good morning bikers, patriots and friends! It is Wednesday. It is Hump Day. It is January 20th. It is inauguration day – a day I have not been looking forward to. A day which promises fundamental changes to the United States. But is it the end of the Trump Era or just a beginning to the next phase of the Trump Era?

Earlier this morning, President Donald John Trump, and the beautiful First Lady Melania, left the White House for the last time.

President Donald John Trump leaves the White House for the last time

His brief remarks were gracious before he headed to Marine One, saluting our military members and taking off for Joint Base Andrews, where he gave his farewell remarks:

President Trump’s final remarks before boarding Air Force One

So, while we are witnessing President Trump’s final flight to his home in Florida, we are having to prepare for the inevitable inauguration of #CreepyUncle Joe Biden as president of the United States. Right now, as I type this blog post, I am watching dignitaries arrive for Biden’s inauguration and they are the usual suspects: Bill and Killary Clinton, George and Laura Bush and Barack and Michael Obama. It is enough to make me puke! ?

Once he is inaugurated, Biden plans to sign a flurry of executive orders:

  1. 100-Day Mask Challenge (Laugh my big fat biker ass off! ?
  2. Freeze evictions during the pandemic
  3. Rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO)
  4. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord
  5. End the Keystone XL Pipeline and revoke all oil and gas development on national wildlife monuments
  6. Improve racial equality (I guess Biden missed the memo that minorities witnessed the largest gains in employment and wages in history under Trump)
  7. Defend “Dreamers” program
  8. End the alleged “Muslim travel ban” – which only was designed to prevent terrorists from entering the United States
  9. Rescind Trump’s 1776 Commission (of course – they want our children to learn fake history – the history which condemns the founding of the United States)
  10. Stop all construction on our border wall

All of these actions are designed to erode the progress President Trump made on his original campaign promises. The impacts of these EOs will have far reaching impacts: delays in opening our economy, higher fuel prices, more violent crime by illegal aliens and a flood of new illegals from south of our border. I guess that the #Leftists just cannot stand the fact that Trump pledged to Make America Great Again #MAGA and actually did. They want to make the United States subservient to a New World Order #NWO and relinquish its place as the sole remaining Super Power.

As we are awaiting the inauguration of #CreepyUncleJoe, President Trump arrived in West Palm Beach on Air Force one in the final minutes of his presidency:

President Trump arrives at West Palm Beach International Airport – his last ride on Air Force One

So hopefully, we will witness a peaceful transition of power in the United States. The presidential seal of the United States will pass from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. It is a sad day for us Trumplicans – a day which will firmly entrench the Deep State for the foreseeable future.

But is it the end of the Trump Era?

I have written recently that I believe Trump has a higher calling than being the our president. No mortal man could rid the United States of the Deep State Swamp. He was opposed at every turn in his quest to reinvent the Republican Party – a party of RINO establishment politicians. Us Patriots were united behind Trump in this endeavor. But it was not to be.

I have said on this blog, multiple times over the past couple of weeks, that we need a new major political party – and I have called it The Patriot Party. Interestingly enough, there are currently rumors that Trump is considering doing just this. The Trump Army – which the Left calls us proud Trump supporters – will be fully united behind Trump if he chooses to do so. He has the followers to make the GOP a thing of the past and supplant RINO deep state politicians with true conservative legislators. This is what we need more than anything else right now. I pray fervently that we witness the birth of a new conservative movement. Please join me.

The Grey Beard Biker™️
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Happy Monday, Patriots, bikers and friends! It is the start of a new week here in paradise – the paradise which is Middle Tennessee! This week will bring a lot of significant changes to the United States of America – the most obvious being the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of our country. And that is a very scary thought.

Joe Biden is president by fiat – by declaration only. He is not a rightfully elected leader. He will take the reins of our country through total theft. Anyone with half a brain – or an IQ of 60 – recognizes that he could never have received over 80 million votes. And while I do not know this to be true, I believe he will not hold office very long. Those on the far left fringe of the Democrat party never wanted him. They want Kamala Harris. She is the most liberal politician in a sea of far left liberals. And she is dangerous.

So on Wednesday, the fake president will take office with Kamala waiting just behind him to take her seat on the throne. I really doubt that #CreepyUncleJoe even realizes he will not be in office long. He has already promised to do a lot over his first days in office:

  1. Vaccinating healthcare workers and those living in long-term facilities – a total of 100 million shots
  2. Sign an executive order requiring masks be worn for 100 days
  3. A new $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package
  4. Support communities of color (why not support all communities?)
  5. Legalize 11 million illegal aliens
  6. Address climate change
  7. Reenter the World Health Organization

And while faux president Biden has indicated he does not care to work with Republicans on legislative issues, he has promised to use the power of the pen to institute executive orders/directives. What will his E.O.s be? He hasn’t said. But we should not just focus on what Biden wants to get done – because we know he will only be in office a short time as Pelosi can ask his cabinet to quickly remove him from office via the 25th Amendment. This would give KamelToe the throne she so desperately wants to sit on. Or is it kneel on? So what has the KamelToe said will be her priorities? Well let’s look:

  1. Enact a Green New Deal costing roughly $10 trillion but realistically probably more like $100 trillion
  2. Outlaw fracking (say goodbye to energy independence)
  3. Use E.O.s to enact punitive restrictions on our rights to Keep and Bear Arms – specifically naming Universal Background Checks (aka registration of gun owners – the only way it will work), mandatory buy-back programs, the confiscation of so called “assault rifles,” magazine restrictions and taxing the firearms industry into oblivion are specific things she has said she will implement by EO if congress fails to act in 100 days
  4. Taxpayer funded abortions
  5. Require large companies become “Equal Pay Verified” (what the fuck is this?)
  6. Get rid of private healthcare insurance and move to Medicare for All
  7. Offer a quick path to citizenship for illegal aliens

KamelToe really doesn’t care about working with the legislative branch, because clearly, she will use Executive Orders freely – and often.

So What Does This Mean?

Regardless of how long Biden remains in the White House, we had better strap on our belts – because it is going to be a suicidal ride during the first year of the Harris/Biden administration. And while #CreepyUncleJoe may be president, he will be taking his policy orders from the Democratic Socialists of the party. You can count on me being ready for whatever this abomination of an administration has planned for our soon to be Communist States of America. I wonder if they realize how racist the abbreviation for this – CSA – is? ???

The Grey Beard Biker™️
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I swear, sometimes I think, we are living in a continual Ground Hog Day! Many days I wake up and do not know what day of the week it is. Wash ‘n Rinse. Another day, the same old fucking bullshit! I have always loved Sundays – which after checking my phone – I realized today is the Lord’s Day. It was always my day to ride, soak up the beauty of nature and meditate on all the blessings in my life. But when every single day seems the same, Sundays feel like every other day of the week.

2020 is not really a distant memory. Hell, it was less than three weeks ago. I had hoped 2021 would usher in a different feeling, but so far – not so much. While Tennessee has not suffered the punitive lock downs many of you have had to endure, life is still different than it was in early 2020. Yes, restaurants are open, small businesses are still in business but people seem much different than they did a year ago. Perhaps it is the new normal. If it is, it makes me long for simpler times.

You may wonder what constitutes simpler times for the ever stubbly Grey Beard Biker. Well let me tell you a few things which I miss:

  • Getting up on a Saturday morning and riding over to my biker brother’s house for a group ride of eight or ten bikes
  • Packing up for a business trip to present the software solution my company makes
  • Riding to a biker rally like Laconia or Sturgis
  • Not having to have a mask packed in the bike so I can go into a gas station after filling up (for what it’s worth I am a rebel and typically ignore mask mandates – and if they insist I usually don’t go in – unless it is a matter of an urgent bio break)
  • Having a whole day go by when I do not feel like I need to take an afternoon nap (while I am not opposed to a siesta I have rarely felt the urge to nap during the afternoon)

Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed beyond measure. I still have a roof over my head. I do not have to worry about where my next meal is going to come from. I have my boy toys. I have a cat which digs the hell out of me (damn Motor actually has a bromance on me). I have an arsenal with plenty of ammo rolled. And God has Blessed me with the most beautiful, loving gal in the world – my very own Tarheel Racy Sicilian.

My lil Racy Sicilian on Gab

This morning I just want to teleport into a simpler time with my gal! Who is with me?

Make sure you follow us both on Gab and MeWe:

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Grey Beard Biker

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We both hope to see all y’all when we get to that simpler time. Like when we were kids and used clothes line pins to hold playing cards in the front spokes of our Schwinn Sting-Rays sporting a sissy bar and a shifter on the frame! You will spot Racy Sicilian and me on the big ole Grey Ghost!

The Grey Beard Biker™️
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Happy Friday, Bikers, Patriots and friends! It is a sunny, albeit chilly day here in Middle Tennessee. But I am guessing I will probably get some riding in today. Plus, Fridays always mean margaritas and Mexican at 1800 hours! Some other good news – we are 1/2 way through winter! I am so ready to start riding without leather and heated gear.

Cable News Network (CNN) also known as Communist News Network, continues it lurch towards total communism. There really hasn’t been any doubt, for many years, that they are a #Leftist organization, but if you watch them – which I cannot hardly stomach – they are getting worse with each passing day.

An interview they recently aired, really burned my big fat biker ass! Harvard professor Juliette Kayyem may be one of the looniest leftists I have heard in a very longtime – and this is during a time when assnozzles are everywhere. I swear, dumb asses must reproduce faster than normal people! Check out her diatribe against President Trump and his supporters:

So in this interview, she suggests:

  1. President Trump is the spiritual leader – and operational leader – of domestic terrorists!
  2. Trump must be totally isolated and have no access to social media or any of his campaign funds
  3. Trump’s radical followers must be isolated and removed from social media
  4. Trump must not have a second act
  5. There should be no “unity” until us Patriots are essentially deprogrammed

I shut down CNN years ago. But I do see their clips on social media. And they never fail to cause me to taste a bit of vomit in the back of my throat. But the dangerous thing about networks of this ilk, including CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, et al, is that they still command large audiences of loving minions – who believe the fucking hooey which spews out of their damn pie holes. While commies like Ms. Kayyem are indoctrinating our young adults, at “prestigious” institutions of higher learning, the #FakeNews media reinforces what they are learning by people like Kayyem. It absolutely disgusts me.


Until #FakeNews networks – including Fox News (Faux News) – pay through lost advertising revenues – they will continue to spew communist propaganda, hate speech and Leftist lies. While there are alternatives out there, including Newsmax, One America News Network (OANN), Epoch Times, NTD News and Right Side Broadcasting – they are largely absent from cable news lineups. My suggestion is simple: turn off your TV, cancel your cable and stream real news. Fuck #FakeNews!

The Grey Beard Biker™️
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Hello, fellow Patriots, bikers and #2A supporters! I was silent yesterday. It wasn’t that I did not have anything to say – it was more like I needed to let my spinning mind formulate how I was going to say what needed to be said. Over the past week, since the joint session of congress certified the electoral college vote, we have witnessed an unprecedented purge of conservative thought on social media. We even witnessed the permanent suspension of President Trump across all social media platforms. But this isn’t only about Donald John Trump. This is an attack against conservative thought and principles.

Do you remember when, three days after the #GeneralElectionTheft, the lil darling of the #FarLeft, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tweeted this??:

AOC is a child playing with adults

This #Communism loving assnozzle has no issue keeping lists and calling for the silencing of all conservatives.

And who can forget Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) calling to push back and harass members of Trump’s team:

Maxine Waters (D-CA) calling for the harassment of Trump’s team

So today, Wednesday, January 13, the Left isn’t just satisfied with having a majority in both houses of the congress and the presidency. They have passed another article of impeachment – and last night they passed a resolution to urge Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. This would immediately remove Trump from office. Pence has vowed to not go along with this charade, so it will probably be pushed to Trump’s cabinet – where they will be forced to vote on whether Trump is still fit for office.

This is not about Trump

But this is not about Trump. At least not JUST about Trump. This is about ridding the American psyche of all things conservative. That means us, folks. The Left wants their lists. The Left wants to know who supported Trump and reeducate them. They want to castigate, harass and reeducate us. Their ultimate goal is to deprogram our minds and rid the United States of America of conservative constitutional principles like: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and the very revocation of the Second Amendment – our right to “Keep and Bear Arms.” They literally hate everything our Founding Fathers believed when they risked death to create these United States.

So last night I came across an article on Telegram. I normally just peruse the snippet of an article, but this link caught my attention and I clicked on it. It highlighted the most disgusting video I have seen in a very long time.

Written by Paulina Enck on The Federalist, it features video of Nikole Hannah-Jones, the essayist of the 1619 Project, who calls for the PUNISHMENT and the DEPROGRAMMING of Trump voters. Yes, you cannot make this shit up. Here is this ass-wipe speaking to Eugene Robinson on MSNBC:

So who knew us Trump supporting patriots were cult members? This so called journalist says there has to be “consequences of actions,” and, “not forcing accountability only emboldens people in those movements.” She goes on to say there can be no reconciliation until we are held “accountable” and punished for our beliefs. What a crock of steaming donkey dung! We represent the Cause of 1776! The very freedom of diversity which has made this country great. We have never called for meting out punishment and the deprogramming of liberal thought! While we may not agree with it, we support their freedom of speech and freedom of ideological beliefs.

But Ms. Hannah Jones was not done:

This woman is the very definition of a racist, as she boldly declares, “…the white labor force votes against their own economic interests because it means they are still above the lowest person on the totem pole – which under Trump would be Muslims, Latinos and black Americans.” Did she forget that under Donald Trump blacks, women and other minorities benefited from the lowest unemployment in history – and the largest increase in wage growth ever? These people literally hate us so much they cannot see the forest due to the proverbial trees.

So, as Tom Borelli Tweeted, it would certainly look like Ms. Hanna-Assnozzle-Jones is calling for re-education camps:


It has become obvious that the New World Order Democratic Socialists will never be satisfied with just having both houses of congress and the presidency. They want to make conservative thought and ideology extinct in the Communist States of America. But there could be no better conclusion to this article than what Ms. Enck wrote on The Federalist article:

Ms. Enck, we are startled! We are not a cult! We will not allow ourselves to be “punished” or “deprogrammed.” We are Patriots and the time has come for us to stand together, Like in 1776, to resist tyranny.

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Greetings, Patriots, bikers and friends. Welcome to a new week. I do not know about you, but I have to wonder what the hell we can expect this week to bring? I hope to hell it is nothing as dramatic as we witnessed last week. But waking up this morning, I realized that the efforts to censor what we can read is only getting more flagrant. Honestly, I was so glad to kick 2020 to the curb,11 days ago, but it appears things are spinning more out of control in 2021 than in 2020.

Last Wednesday, we witnessed total #Anarchy at our nation’s capitol complex. While I am not going to dive into the specifics of what happened there, in this post, if you would like to read more about last Wednesday’s events, check out my previous article: Have We Lost Our Republic? Today, I am going to talk about our ever more rapid slide towards a true #Communist state.

A Modern Day Book Burning?

During the early 1930s, Nazism was a relatively new ideology. In an effort to indoctrinate the people of Germany, and Austria, efforts were made to remove from sight anything which could provide the people opposing views. One component of this effort was burning books. The featured image of this post is of the Deutsche Studentenschaft (DSt) – known in English as the German Student Union – ceremoniously burning books.

Fast forward to 2021 and I believe we are witnessing a similar event in the growth of #CancelCulture. The #Leftists want nothing more than to cancel all conservative thought and remove it from sight. At the start of last week, I would have never expected the unfolding events to lead to where we are at the start of this week. Last Wednesday morning, before the joint session of congress met to certify the Electoral College vote, President Trump spoke to his supporters at the Stop The Steal Rally:

President Trump speaking to the Stop The Steal Rally in Washington, DC – January 6, 2021

I have watched unedited video of Trump’s comments to his supporters many times, and for the life of me, I cannot pick out any call for violence at our capitol complex. But the Left has seized on his comments to demand the president’s cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment. And if that doesn’t take place today, they are also threatening a second impeachment. Seriously, don’t those fucking deadbeats in the House of Representatives have better things to do – like get a stimulus bill passed to provide Americans some much needed cash? But don’t be fooled! The reason they are threatening impeachment is to prevent Trump from ever holding public office again!

But all of the posturing on the Left, to remove Trump from office, is just the same old, same old. After nearly four years of investigations, we are used to this behavior from our elected officials. What I find most disturbing is what took place over the past weekend.

First, on Friday evening, Trump’s personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, was suspended permanently by Twitter. This was preceded by Facebook, YouTube and Instagram putting a two week lock on his official accounts on those platforms. But Twitter did not stop there. Twitter also locked the official government account, @POTUS, which is owned by the U.S. Government. They removed all of Trump’s posts there since his Christmas greeting.

But the hits kept coming over the weekend as Apple and Google removed the popular free speech platform, Parler, from their respective app stores. And not to be out done, Amazon Web Services, a wholly owned company of Amazon, canceled their contract with Parler, whose platform they hosted. This has effectively closed Parler down – removing one of the few social media platforms, with the exceptions being MeWe and Gab, from sight. Heaven only knows how long these two remaining free speech social media sites will stay up. Both are already experiencing unprecedented growth, their servers barely keeping up with the heavy traffic – if at all. Can you say “Modern Day Book Burning?”


I am a YUGE fan of reading. I love real books. The older the better. But books are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Yes, there are still a few books stores – and of course there is Kindle and Apple E-books. But the majority of what people read today is what they find on social media. So with the expungement of Donald Trump from every platform he used to communicate with the country, we are experiencing the modern day equivalent to book burning.

What say you? Drop me a comment.

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Two weeks ago, I was simply looking forward to the end of 2020 – without a doubt the worst year I have been on the earth. I wrote about this in the article: R.I.P. 2020! But 2021 is off to fucked up start too.

I will not rehash this week other than to provide some bullet points of this week’s craziness:

  • MAGA Patriots began assembling last Saturday and Sunday, in Washington, DC, for the Stop The Steal Rally
  • Antifa/BLM counter-protesters came right in with them – often being bused into the capital
  • Monday and Tuesday witnessed peaceful events during the MAGA rally
  • Wednesday we watched as VP Mike Pence presided over the certification of Electoral College votes from November’s stolen election
  • Wednesday we also witnessed the extreme anarchy – which the #Leftists embrace – as Antifa thugs masquerading as MAGA Patriots attempted to take over the capitol complex
  • On Thursday, the drunkard Nancy Pelosi, urged Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office
  • On Friday, Twitter permanently suspended the account of President Donald Trump

While I will not take a deep dive into any of these events in this article, other than the last bullet point, you can read my thoughts on the other events by clicking on the articles below:

Will the Wrong be Made Right? – written the day before the certification of the Electoral College

Patriots or Traitors – written on Wednesday before the Electoral College certification

Have we lost our Republic? – written Thursday after the events at our capital

Yesterday’s Great Conservative Cleansing

I woke up yesterday morning and was deep in thought while I was drinking my morning coffee. You see, I do some of my best thinking when enjoying my morning caffeine. And the one thing which kept lighting up my brain neurons was that Donald Trump is actually needed more as a private citizen. He was never able to DRAIN THE SWAMP – as president – because he was fighting a fully entrenched DEEP STATE. I firmly believe that his higher calling is to create a new party – the Patriot Party. Because of Trump’s faithful MAGAs – numbering over 75 million – he is the only person who can form a party to compete with our current two party system. For more of my thoughts on this, check out my article, Where We Go From Here.

Okay, let met get back on track here…

The first indication that something evil was happening yesterday was when I was on Twitter promoting yesterday’s blog post. As usual, I was dropping my Tweet into groups I am in and I noticed a few Patriot accounts being suspended. Then the floodgates opened. Literally hundreds of my favorite Tweeters were suspended. I have been on Twitter long enough to have seen a few accounts here and there being nuked – but never anything like the purge I witnessed yesterday.

Around 5:30 PM yesterday, I fully realized this was a Conservative Cleansing when Twitter suspended President Donald Trump’s account:

Full on Communist Censorship

At first, I was simply shocked – not believing it could be true. How in the hell can a private company remove the president’s ability to communicate with the American people? We know the Mainstream Media (MSM) refuses to provide Trump a platform to communicate. He has been effectively muted. This may well be the most Marxist event we have YET TO SEE in the United States. While the #Communists in the MSM, print newspaper and social media have loathed Trump since he came down the escalator, this really is fucking unacceptable. I believe it is a threat to our national security to silence our Republic’s chief executive officer.

What is going on right now is straight Orwellian: a total totalitarian state. But it appears that George Orwell had the year incorrect – it was to be 2021 – not 1984. Who is complicit in forming this totalitarian state? There are a lot of complicit bad actors: Democrats, Democrat Socialists, RINOs, the MSM, the print press – and especially social media/tech: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc., etc. Most of the sheeple do not pay much attention to the MSM, New York Times, The Hill or the Huffington Post. They get their news from Facebook and Twitter. And these entities totally control what the masses get to see. So with the expunging of so many conservative voices – and our great president – Twitter has effectively participated in The Great Conservative Cleansing. And sure, we are seeing a host of new “free speech” platforms like Parler, MeWe and Gab. But these are being pushed into the periphery – if not the grave – by Google and Apple’s threat to remove their apps from their respective app stores. And what reason have they provided for giving such a threat? That these apps do not restrict conservative voices. So, the battle for FREE SPEECH is just now ramping up.


We have never witnessed the things we are seeing today, brothers and sisters. As difficult as it has become, we must KEEP THE FAITH. I have pretty much lost all hope that Trump has any chance to remain president. But I do truly believe his higher calling is to rescue us conservatives from being forced to vote for the lesser of two despicable evils – Republicans – and he has recently mentioned starting a social media platform. Let’s all stick together. Our country needs us more than ever.

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Good morning bikers, Patriots, gun lovers and friends! Today is Friday, January 8, 2020 and Donald J. Trump is still our president! This week has been a bit crazy – to say the least. We have witnessed a beautiful Stop The Steal Rally in Washington, a stolen election Georgia, the certification of the Electoral College, the storming of the United States capitol complex and the murder of an unarmed female Air Force veteran. Did I say it has been a crazy week? ?‍♂️

Then, our president spoke to us last night:

A Peaceful Transition of Power Speech

While I am not sure this was a concession speech, Trump has committed to a peaceful transition of power to the faux Biden/Harris administration. Or is it the Harris/Biden administration? I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. The #Leftists have stolen the election and their chosen one will be inaugurated in a couple of weeks.

And while the washed up drunkard, Nancy Pelosi, has called for the implementation of the 25th Amendment – to remove Trump from office immediately – for inciting the protests at the capitol – he was the only one using his position to implore the protesters to go home. What a crock of steamy fucking #DonkeyShit! She is a disgrace to her office and only wants to drive a wedge further between the left and right.

Then, to add insult to injury to the 76+ million Americans who voted for Trump, #Facebook, #Instagram, #Twitter and #YouTube all put restrictions, or a two week lock, on the official accounts of Trump. This is censorship, plain and simple. These tech giants were complicit in the stolen election, and because of Section 230, they will not be held accountable.

But perhaps the most disgusting thing I witnessed during the entire week was the way the Republicans turned their back on Donald Trump:

Most of the supposed conservative legislators, who turned their back on him, owe a debt of gratitude to Trump. They were elected/reelected – because they rode in on Trump’s coattails. To watch them turn their backs on a president who is loved by so many, was so disappointing. And true conservative patriots will not forget this during the next election.

So this morning, Trump posted that he will not be attending the Biden inauguration:

Part of me is disappointed in his decision. As a student of U.S. history, this reminds me of when our second president, John Adams, after one of our country’s most contentious elections, quietly left DC in his carriage, before Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration in 1801. He was vilified for doing so and I am guessing Trump will be also. But I am also sympathetic with his decision, for anyone with a mental IQ of 30 realizes he was the victim of the biggest theft in world history – his reelection.

Is This Trump’s Last Ride?

Now that I have begun to accept the fact that Trump will not be giving his second inaugural address on January 2021, I have to wonder what his future holds. I believe he knows that his country still needs him. All of his accomplishments will be swept away like “chaff in the wind.” And. He. Knows. This. I honestly believe he will not desert us when he knows we need him now, more than ever. But what is his next service going to be?

My beautiful gal, @RacieSicilian, posted this earlier today on Twitter, and she may be onto something:

When Trump was campaigning in 2016, he said he would DRAIN THE SWAMP. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a campaign promise he was committed to accomplishing. But there is not a strong enough man in the world to do this. He never imagined the array of powerful forces which would flank his every move to do so. He was the leader of the Republican Party and they undermined him every step of the way, because they are the establishment, and as much the problem as the Democrat Party.

Trump is an incredibly smart man. I believe he has come to the conclusion that he has more important things to accomplish as a private citizen. He knows he has an army of digital soldiers who will always support him. Hell, he has an army of proud Patriot soldiers who would literally fight for him. If he asked. But he isn’t going to call us for that task.

In order for Trump to literally drain the swamp, he needs to decapitate the beast: The Republican Party. We are all talking about being part of the Patriot Party. But in all actuality, there is no such thing. And we all know that 3rd parties have done nothing in the past but splinter the vote – and lead to the election of the worse of two evils. But Trump can coalesce his 76+ million supporters into the Patriot Party. This would slay the evil forces arrayed against the American republic. And it would push every single RINO out of office. And that would be so sweet. All establishment politicians desire power. They are addicted to power. There would no more fitting pyre to their deaths than Trump slaying them all with proud Patriot Party candidates!


I fully believe that Donald John Trump has been called to a higher duty. He cannot drain the swamp, as president, without the complete support of those he is trying to slay. But he can bring all of us together under the YUGE umbrella of a glorious new party: the PATRIOT PARTY! God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump. We will never desert you, sir, because we know you would never desert us!

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