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December 2020

December 2020


I was not actually going to make my normal year in review video since this was one of the wackiest years I have ever witnessed. But I still was able to do a lot of riding in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Normally I go with the Culvers to Panama City Beach, Florida in October, but the damn #COVIDhoax caused that to be canceled. Other trips that got canceled were The Race of Gentlemen, in Wildwood, NJ, riding the mountains of New England in the fall and a one week trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida. But compared to the lock downs most of you have endured, I was very fortunate – and for this reason I decided to go ahead with my 2020 Year In Review!

The Grey Ghost – 2020 Harley Davidson CVO Limited (FLHTKSE)

On January 1, 2020 the Grey Ghost had 3,000 miles on the odometer. 2020 will finish with nearly 21,000 miles on its ticker. So, I count myself very fortunate. There were lots of local miles, lots of trips to the Smoky Mountains and a fantastic trip to the Atlanta area to watch the AMA Flat Track races. But mainly I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with my brothers and the time on the phone with my gal, @RacieSicilian. (More on that later!)

I will provide some monthly details of my journeys, but here is my annual Year In Review video:

The Grey Beard Biker’s 2020 In Review

January 2020

A great winter past time: reloading freedom fries!

2020 started normally enough. While we had heard about the Coronavirus, we had no idea on New Year’s Day what this #COVIDhoax would bring. What we did know was that we were headed into impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives. This would define the first quarter of our year with the U.S. Senate acquitting Donald Trump of the house’s abuse of power charges.

For me, January was fairly typical with riding every week, reloading a lot of ammo and buying an awesome new pistol: a SIG Sauer P365 SAS. Check out my review on it HERE. I also spent nearly a week, during January, in Park City, Utah for work. Which, at that time, after traveling by plane nearly ever week since the mid-90s, I would have been shocked to realize I would only have a couple more flights for the entire rest of 2020!

February 2020

New AR-15 build in .300 AAC Blackout – ready for a can!

February was a typical February. Cloudy, cold and typically miserable. While I did what I do nearly every week of the year – ride my bikes – I also hibernated, read, reloaded lots of ammo and built a new AR-15 in .300 AAC Blackout. And damn! It’s a real shooter. One bright spot: the U.S. Senate did acquit Donald Trump on February 5, 2020.

March 2020

My last ride to the BWR – a victim of the Wuhan Flu – opening in March 2021 under new ownership!

The #COVIDhoax reached a fever pitch in March. While lock downs were not in place yet, they were right around the corner. It was the month of my last business trip of 2020. March in Middle Tennessee sees my flowering cherry tree in full bloom, warmer days and other plants and trees coming out of their winter slumber. I am unsure how many miles I rode in March, but I know it was a lot. While I only rode locally this month, I do know of at least two rides to historic Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee for lunch and several to my favorite biker bar: The Bent Wrench Roadhouse. March would be the last time I would enjoy hanging with my biker brothers there as it would close because of COVID and not reopen.

April 2020

My one and only poker run in April 2020

April was by far one of the most remarkable months of my life. I met my beautiful, sexy lady @RacieSicilian in April and started making plans to do lots of stuff with her in 2020 – especially involving travel on two wheels! Unfortunately, the #COVIDhoax would prevent us from doing every single thing we planned to do in 2020. But, I am most fortunate to have built a very loving long-term relationship with my lil lady from North Carolina. I look forward to spending 2021 with her.

The COVID scam did not prevent me from riding in my one and only poker run of 2020, during April. There were other benefit rides and poker runs, but the majority would be canceled.

May 2020

2020 Smoky Mountain Thunder Memorial Ride

May has always been one of my favorite months. The flowers are in full bloom, the dogwoods decorate the woods and the weather is warm enough to start wearing my preferred biker attire: tank tops! During the first weekend of May, I ventured into eastern Kentucky, riding the mountains there and in western Virginia. I finished up riding the Devil’s Triangle before heading back home. While I wanted to see my Tarheel gal on this trip – things were starting to lock down!

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I was able to make my annual pilgrimage to the Smoky Mountains with Scott and Denise High – the owners of Thunder Roads Tennessee – a publication I write Second Amendment articles for every month. During this annual trip we take part in Ron & Sandy’s Smoky Mountain Thunder Memorial Ride for veteran causes. This was their 20th anniversary of this great event! This year, even with the #COVIDhoax fucking with big events, there were nearly 3,000 bikes in the 60 mile ride to Veteran’s Overlook!

The Real Bike of Death (BOD)

The end of March proved that I am no longer the dirt bike racer I once was. My buddies, Rob, Poj and Steve had built an awesome motor cross track at Steve’s place. This one mile track features all the great fun an old dirt bike rider could hope for: rocky hills, tight corners, fast straightaways and chicane after chicane. These chicanes proved that I was no longer the indestructible young man I used to be. I had Poj in my sights going into the chicanes and decided I would catch him on the Kawasaki KX 220. Methinks that I should downshift going into the second chicane. Well, I thought wrong. Very wrong. I downshifted into second gear and nailed the throttle. That Kawie dug a trench, started to go sideways and lifted up – throwing the Grey Beard Biker to the ground. It was truly a body slam that nearly broke me in two. I ended up getting a $2,500 ambulance ride to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where I was kept in the mental ward for three days and two nights! And while I wasn’t in the mental ward, it appeared I was in a sanitarium for most of my pleasant stay there since they had no rooms due to the COVID thingy! I finally got a private room 18 hours before I was discharged. And did I say I was nearly broken in two? Yes, I was, suffering six broken ribs (they were snapped cleanly in two), a shattered left shoulder blade and a punctured lung. My first two days were in the ICU! Because, at 56, I believed I was still unbreakable, I racked up nearly $250,000 in hospital bills. But. Nothing. Will. Ever. Keep. Me. Off. Two. Wheels. ???

June 2020

Grey Beard Biker on the Blue Ridge Parkway

June brought plenty of riding. The first trip of the month was a 440 mile day-trip to Fall Creek Falls. This beautiful Tennessee landmark is well worth the ride if you ever find yourself in middle or eastern Tennessee. The big trip of the month was over my birthday weekend when I rode to the mountains of North Georgia, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The weather was warm and I do not recall even running into one rain shower. While I had hoped to see my lovely lady in North Carolina, the COVID bug got her and those plans had to be scrapped.

June was also significant as we got to witness stupid people doing stupid things all over the damn country. With May’s death of George Floyd, the Leftists had another trick up their sleeve to try to spoil Donald Trump’s presidency. Namely anarchy in the forms of riots by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Both of which are domestic terrorists groups. For more on this, check out my article, When You’ve Had Enough.

July 2020

July Ride to the Smoky Mountains

July brought my fourth trip to the mountains with some awesome brothers: Jay, Hank, Memphis Mike and others. Over four nights and three days we logged over 1,200 miles on our bikes. We rode some of the most amazing roads: The Devil’s Triangle, Foothills Parkway, Wayah Road, Moonshiner 28, War Woman Road, the Tail of the Dragon, Georgia Highway 60 to Helen and the Cherohala Skyway. We got soaked in Helen and the next day on the Cherohala Skyway. And when I say soaked, I mean SOAKED!

October 2020

Flat Track racing in Atlanta

The first weekend in October brought the return of AMA Flat Track Racing – at least where fans could actually watch. We took off at first light on Saturday morning. Spent the day riding, watching the races that evening. On Sunday, we rode back home through Suches, Georgia with a beer stop at a microbrewery in Ducktown, Tennessee. The first day’s ride was primarily interstate, but we crammed a ton of mountain twisties into the ride home.

Heading back to the Smoky Mountains (Hank, Grey Beard Biker & Jay)

The third week of October, we headed back to the Smoky Mountains. While the plan was to be there at the peak of the fall colors, we were probably about a week early. But, that really didn’t matter as the brotherhood and awesome mountain roads made it a trip to remember.

November 2020

The last ride to the Smoky Mountains in November – and yes it was COLD ?

Being that we are rather avid mountain riders, we took one last trip to the mountains in November. The ride up on the second Wednesday of November was fairly warm. I had purchased the new to me Triumph Tiger 800 in October, but this was its first trip to the mountains. We did the usual roads: the Devil’s Triangle, Moonshiner 28, Wayah Road, the Tail of the Dragon and War Woman Road. The second two morning were frigid with temperatures in the low 20s. But it was still a memorable trip.

December 2020

Bob Judd’s Remembrance Service at the Bent Wrench

December 2020 brought a solemn but reflective day at the Bent Wrench. One of my closest friends, Rob, lost his dad in November. The Bent Wrench Roadhouse opened its doors for a remembrance service and it brought out tons of bikers. Bob was well known to everyone there as he lived close by and frequented the BWR nearly every day.

Let’s Send 2020 to the trash heap!

While I mentioned early on in this article that 2020 was amazing because I met my love, it was also one of the most fucked up years of my life. Between the faux impeachment of Donald Trump, the COVID hoax, Black Lives Matter riots and a stolen election I cannot wait for the start of 2021! I plan on spending as much of it as possible with my Tarheel lady and brothers – riding, traveling and enjoying life to its fullest again! But mainly spending time with my pretty lady! We wish you an awesome 2021!

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

Good afternoon, Patriots! Your old Grey Beard Biker still holds out faith that Donald Trump’s legal team will successfully challenge some of the voter fraud which happened in the key battleground states of: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. Anyone with an intellect of a 5th grader knows this election was rigged, from the beginning. When impeachment, #COVIDHoax and Anarchy from BLM/Antifa riots didn’t erode Trump’s support, they were left with stealing the election by:

  1. Printing millions of ballots which would be mailed out to addresses which no longer had registered voters living there, sending ballots to children, felons and even illegal aliens
  2. Democrat attorneys working with state election officials and secretaries of state to arbitrarily change voting laws – allowing votes to arrive after the polls closed
  3. Democrat operatives harvesting 100s of thousands blank ballots which could be used to manufacture however many votes were needed for Biden to win in the key battleground states
  4. Millions of blank ballots printed in China and sent to the United State
  5. Semi-trailer loads of ballots being sent across state lines into Pennsylvania – a state Biden was losing BIGLY in
  6. Thousands of easily hacked Dominion voting machines switching votes from Trump to Biden – or not even counting votes for Trump – these machines were used in every state which experienced high levels of fraud
  7. Election poll workers not allowing poll watchers to actually watch the vote being counted – sometimes being kept 30-50 away from where ballots were counted – and other times the counters would seal themselves in rooms with cardboard covering the observation windows

Yes, friends, the fix was in. No campaigning was needed by #CreepyUncle Joe Biden or #KneelingSlurping Kamala Harris. They were going to be elected no matter how many votes needed to be manufactured for these two lowlifes.

This fraud – which was not even well hidden – and my belief in our judicial system – continues to keep me optimistic that Donald Trump will be inaugurated next month. And let us not forget that Vice President Mike Pence is the president of the United States Senate and can refuse to count electoral votes from states which obvious voter fraud occurred in. While this is a nuclear option, it does remain an option. One which I would fully support to secure continued free, trustworthy elections in our great Republic.

But heaven forbid, Biden/Harris are inaugurated next month. What kind of changes can we expect?

Taxes and Waste

Government Waste

One thing we can definitely count on is a large increase in our Federal income taxes. They say that families making less than $400,000 per year will see no increase in their already punitive taxes. But with all the wet dreams the leftists have there is absolutely no way on earth that this is anything but a lie from Biden/Harris. How do you pay for this stuff without huge increases in Federal government theft from us individual taxpayers:

  1. Forgiveness of student loan debt to all students who attended public institutions of higher learning
  2. The Green New Deal
  3. Affordable housing for everyone
  4. Universal healthcare (government run and insured)

These wet dream wishes will require trillions upon trillions of dollars to fund. And we know that every one of these dreams of theirs will become a bureaucratic nightmare which never runs smoothly and makes hundreds of thousands of new Federal jobs for bureaucrats. Bureaucrats which require two other bureaucrats to do the same amount of work as one worker in the private sector.

Foreign Relations with China and Iran

China & Iran – enemies of the United States

Donald J. Trump has been harder on China than any other president. Period. He has placed YUGE tariffs on goods they used to dump in the United States like steel, aluminum, electronics and prescription drugs. Additionally he has severely curtailed the theft of the intellectual property of American companies in several industries: electronics, computers, software and music. This is why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants Trump out of office. This one man has ruined their economy.

With Biden in the White House, someone who has freely sold his influence to enrich his family, the CCP will see a normalization of relations with the United States. Jobs will go back overseas, tariffs will go away and Americans will suffer job losses to China in historic levels.

It’s hard to believe there is any country which loathes Donald John Trump more than Iran. One of the first actions Trump took from the Oval Office was to terminate the Iran Nuclear Deal. Obama and Biden believed this to be one of their greatest accomplishments – one which in actuality would do nothing to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb. One need look no further than previous Secretary of State John Kerry’s visits with top Iranian officials, in Norway and Germany, to try to salvage the deal his fingerprints were all over. These visits were a clear violation of the Logan Act. So, yes, with Biden in the White House, you can pretty much bet we will reenter the fake nuclear deal with Iran. Hell, we may even send them a few more planes filled with United States cash!

Border Wall

The Southern Border Wall Protects the United States from Illegal Aliens

Building hundreds of miles of impenetrable border walls has been a major accomplishment of Trump’s first term. When congress would not give him funds to build the wall, he used military funds to build the wall, claiming the influx of illegal aliens was a national security crisis. And he was correct.

With a Biden/Harris administration, the border wall will definitely get no additional funding. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if his administration would dismantle large chunks of it. Biden has fallen into lockstep with the New World Order/Democratic Socialist wackos and fully embraces open borders. Hell, he knows that those illegal aliens will be a prime customer for his Medicare for All and by receiving free things from the Democrats those illegals will be a YUGE illegal voting bloc for Democrats who cannot win without cheating.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment Protects all of our other Rights

Trump has been one of the strongest U.S. presidents with regards to protecting our Second Amendment rights. Biden/Harris hate the Second Amendment. Never forget that Joe Biden said, “You don’t need an AR-15 – it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use, and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun.” Or who can forget what Kamala Harris said when she was campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination, “Upon being elected, I will give congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws, and if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action.

Here are some of the things the Democrats are salivating for regarding the 2nd Amendment:

  1. Assault weapon ban – “Hell we cannot allow those scary black military rifles on the streets!”
  2. High capacity magazine bans – limit all magazine sizes over 10 rounds
  3. Universal Background Checks
  4. Firearm and gun owner registrations – #3 will never work without these
  5. Repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act – allowing gun manufacturers to be sued for a madman using their products to kill people – in other words suing them for making a product which does what it was manufactured to do: shot projectiles through a barrel (SMH)
  6. Confiscation of “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines from gun owners who legally own them
  7. Reduce the amount of firearms an individual can own
  8. Break the National Rifle Association (NRA)
  9. Require the reporting of someone who purchases multiple firearms at the same time


Having Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inaugurated will be terrible for our country. Terrible for our freedoms. They did not win the 2020 General Election – they stole it right in front of our eyes. All of the accomplishments Donald Trump gave the country will be swept away. Over four years – assuming those two Democratic weenies cannot steal another term in 2024 – the country will be fundamentally changed. Ronald Reagan very presciently said, on October 27, 1964, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

The fight isn’t over, Patriots! Never give up hope. Never fold your hand. Always fight for our country. Do not let this generation be the generation which allows freedom to become extinct. We cannot allow those damn communist bastards to permanently fuck up our country. If that happens, we will never, ever get it back.

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

I live 35 miles from downtown Nashville. While I hate the traffic and pace of life in Nashville, I consider it my home stomping grounds – knowing all the cool biker bars, motorcycle shops and restaurants. Having lived in Tennessee since 2012, I have also witnessed the change in Nashville – the change which happens when 100 people are moving to the city each day. I believe most of these people are coming from liberal bastions like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. These areas suffer from the strong-arm tactics of mayors and governors who have no issue taking away the personal liberties of their citizenry. These politicians have imposed punitive taxes, locked down their citizens to protect them from COVID-19 and tried to take away their constitutional right to Keep and Bear Arms. So when I was having my second cup of coffee Christmas morning – and learned of the Nashville Explosion – I was sad – but not surprised.

The area of the bombing – 2nd Avenue North and Commerce – is right in the heart of downtown Nashville. It is bordered on one side by lower Broadway – where all the Honky Tonk bars are located – and historic Printer’s Alley on the other side. The buildings are historic, at ground zero, and house bars, restaurants and apartments. It is a desirable area to live for young people. It is not lost on me that Nashville was targeted for this terror attack as it is a city of change – a city which through liberal migration has been rapidly turning from Red – to Purple – to Blue. And this dichotomy of people live in the same neighborhoods.

Timeline of the Explosion

5:30 AM: Residents of the area report hearing multiple gunshots and call E-911

5:32 AM: Police arrive to investigate shots fired and find a white RV broadcasting an announcement in a female voice:

“This area must be evacuated now. This area must be evacuated now. If you can hear this message evacuate now. This vehicle will explode in 15 minutes.” The warning continued, counting down to the explosion.

6:32 AM: Surveillance footage of the area captured a blinding white light as the RV explodes

6:45 AM: Emergency crews shut down streets in the area of the explosion – concerned there may be other explosive devices

10:15 AM: The FBI and BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) take over the investigation

10:40 AM: Police go door-to-door with bomb sniffing dogs finding no additional explosive devices

12:01 PM: AT&T internet and phone service disrupted in the area leading to widespread E911 outages and the closing of the Nashville International Airport (BNA)

2:20 PM: Authorities release surveillance footage showing the RV they believed contained the bomb

4:18 PM: Authorities find what they believe to be human remains in the area of the bombing

4:30 PM: A Civil Emergency declaration takes effect shutting down much of downtown Nashville for 48 hours

Related Tweets with video

Surveillance photo of RV which is believed to have contained bomb
Aftermath of the explosion
Democrat Nashville mayor talking/smirking about the explosion
Explosion does severe damage to AT&T data center taking down E911
Metro Nashville Police officers went door-to-door evacuating residents
Brave @MNPDNashville officers who evacuated residents

Grey Beard Biker’s Thoughts and Observations

Honestly, I am somewhat baffled by the #NashvilleExplosion. As I type this, 27 hours have elapsed since the explosive device detonated. Most terrorist acts have some claim of responsibility. So far there has been none. Every act of extreme violence has a motive. So far authorities have not announced any motive.

Investigators will inevitably learn much about the composition of the explosive device. In fact, they probably have determined a significant amount about it by this time. I have a very close friend that was an Army Special Forces explosives technician. He told me yesterday that the device was somewhat primitive and could be easily assembled with readily available materials. But as more images pour in of the damage at ground zero, this device was not primitive. As someone who remembers the Oklahoma City Bombing well, this makes me think of the fertilizer/diesel fuel bomb used to destroy the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995.

The fact that the perpetrator of this heinous crime obviously wanted to spare innocent lives makes their motive even more difficult to discern. The fact that the vehicle bomb was located right in front of the AT&T data center, which controls communications throughout a large portion of the southeast, is interesting. Was this the target, and if so, why? There is some speculation that 5G cellular networks, which have been part of many recent conspiracy theories, could be the crux of the motive. Another motive which seems plausible is that of social justice warriors – specifically the Black Lives Matter (#BLM) movement. Get innocent people, most likely supporters of their cause, out of the area. Draw police and first responders into ground zero, then detonate the device, with the goal being to kill as many of them as possible. Or, could this possibly be part of a larger plot:

While I pray this is not the case, a prelude to war – specifically a civil war – it certainly seems plausible. There is not doubt, as I have previously written about, the theft of our presidential general election is an act of treason. The events of 2020: a faux presidential impeachment, the #COVIDHoax, BLM/Antifa anarchist civil justice warrior riots and the obvious theft of our recent election are treasonous. Evil forces have been aligned for a very long time against the bedrock institutions of our beloved republic. New World Order (NWO) types hate what our constitution stands for. They dislike freedoms. They abhor our first and second amendments. They loathe that capitalism has built the United States into a powerful country. And they want to rewrite the history of our great nation. They support a coup and the overthrow of our Federal government – and state governments. But if this is a prelude to far more sinister actions, I have one question: are these evil forces organized and capable enough to pull it off?

What are your thoughts? Please leave comments and start some dialogue.

The Grey Ghost Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

Images from Ground Zero of #NashvilleExplosion:

Christmas was always such fun as a kid! You looked forward for weeks to wake up Christmas morning and see what Santa had brought you. On Christmas Eve I would help my mom put milk and cookies out for Santa. As I went through my teens and high school, Christmas began to lose its meaning and it was only about the gifts you received.

Christmas once again had a lot of meaning when you had your own children and could enjoy the traditions of your youth with them. And seeing their faces when they opened their gifts – and noticed Santa had drank his milk and ate his cookies – was priceless!

Now, in my latter 50s, Christmas is much simpler. There are no little feet running down the stairs to the Christmas tree – their faces lit up as they see all the beautiful presents wrapped and under the tree. Now it is really about the true meaning of the birth of our Savior – Jesus Christ. But I still have things I want for Christmas:

  1. To ride each of my bikes
  2. To see motorcycle parts under the tree
  3. To spend the day with my family – especially my beautiful gal: @RacieSicilian
  4. To see maybe one or two people (just kidding – I am good with seeing everyone)
  5. To eat and drink and finish the day with a nice cigar and a top shelf bourbon!

And there is this:

Merry Christmas from Grey Beard Biker and his beautiful gal, Racie! We love you all!

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

As you have probably noticed, I have not written a post in quite some time. Which is uncommon for me. Honestly, I have been so disgusted I did not even feel like using my blog as a pressure-release valve. I normally do a year in review, but 2020 has been such a pisser that I cannot wait for it to end. The only good thing which happened this year was when I met the absolute love of my LIFE.

As I sit here typing, it is Christmas Eve morning. With the events of this year, I am not in the Christmas spirit at all. Which really is not so uncommon for me – because Christmas has just become a commercialized holiday to spend lots of money. The “Reason for the Season” has been lost for many years. It is no longer about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is only about tapping into your wallet and taking as much of your money as possible. But I digress. This is not the subject of my post.

2020 – The most Fucked Up Year Ever

As 2019 was winding down, I thought 2020 would be kind of a cool year. I am a numbers guy and I thought *2020* had a cool ring to it. Damn, was I ever wrong. 2020 will be a year I look back on with pure disgust. There is no doubt in my mind that #Leftist New World Order types have been planning their takeover since Donald Trump came down the escalator and announced he was running for president in 2015. At that time he was an outsider and an incredible long shot – but what he represented – a political outsider – scared the hell out of them all. So they started planning his take down. And damn were they meticulous. Let’s take a look at what they have done this year.


The impeachment of Donald Trump happened in January 2020, but it had been in the works since before he was elected president. Talk radio and cable news pundits were already saying #DumpTrump before the election in November 2016. Shortly after his inauguration, Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) called for leading Donald Trump into an impeachment trap:

Maxine Waters may have been one of the first politicians to call for Trump’s impeachment, but in July of 2017, representative Al Green (D-TX) introduced HR-438 which were articles of impeachment to remove Trump from office for obstruction of justice. On November 15, 2017 representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) introduced HR-621 which called for Trump’s impeachment for obstruction of justice, violation of foreign emoluments clause, violation of domestic emoluments clause, undermining the independence of the federal judiciary and undermining the freedom of the press. And then, on December 6, 2017 Al Green once again introduced another resolution, HR-646, which listed two articles of impeachment: associating the presidency with white nationalism, Neo-Nazism and hatred and inciting hatred and hostility. You just cannot make this shit up! But fortunately, the U.S. House of Representatives was still controlled by Republicans and all these resolutions crashed and burned.

With the Democrats gaining control of the lower body of congress, during the 2018 midterms, the stage was set for a renewed push for impeachment. They just needed a reason. They finally found their “golden egg” in July 2019 when a whistle blower claimed Trump pressured Ukraine to launch an investigation into Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, involving the latter’s business dealings with Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings. A company which paid him $50K per month to sit on their board. Mind you, Hunter Biden was cashiered from the military, was a drug user and had been pictured having sex with underage girls – but obviously all of this qualified the assnozzle to sit on the board of a foreign energy exploration company! And this all happened when the senior Biden was the sitting vice president of the United States.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), agreed to the article of impeachment, claiming Donald Trump abused the power of his office. The impeachment resolution officially passed on December 18, 2019, setting the stage for the shitty year of 2020. The year of the push for a New World Order.

So 2020 started with the sham impeachment hearings into Donald Trump. We all got to witness this starting in January and it culminated on February 5th when Trump was acquitted by the United States Senate. This was truly a sad episode in the history of our country because anyone with an IQ over 60 knew that the senior Biden was the one who abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to fire a prosecuting attorney who was investigating his son’s business dealing with Burisma. It was caught on tape:

CoronaVirus – the Chinese Flu

After the failed faux impeachment, the #Leftists in congress were desperate. The CoronaVirus could not have been more timely for them and one more thing they could try to blame on Trump. I wrote at length about the fucking China Flu earlier this year. But I will just throw this out there: President Trump has been harder on China than any other president in modern history. For 40+ years China has dumped cheap products like steel, aluminum and electronics into the United States. This has caused manufacturing to leave, jobs to be lost and American families to suffer through terrible hardships. There is no doubt that Trump is #AmericaFirst. He has put more punitive sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party then all previous presidents combined. This has shattered their economy. The #CCP orchestrated the Wuhan Flu to spread fear throughout the world – but especially in the United States. They wanted the American people to believe this pandemic was caused by Trump and to cast doubt on how he handled it. The truth be told, he handled the pandemic brilliantly – even with the CDC, NIH and WHO all trying to undermine him. For more on my thoughts on the China Flu check out my article:

The New Normal

Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA/#Anarchy

With the death of George Floyd, the Democrats had one more potential albatross to try to strangle Donald Trump with. I believe what happened to Mr. Floyd was the perfect storm for the white supremacist narrative they have tried to label our president with. The man should not have died (although a drug overdose contributed to his untimely passing) – but he did resist arrest and had been convicted of many crimes prior to the night of his death. His death sparked outrage and riots – further feeding the false narrative that all conservatives are racist. The #Anarchy continued to ratchet up with additional black men being shot or killed: Rayshard Brooks, David McAtee, Jacob Blake and Ricardo Munoz. Besides being black men, there is one other commonality with each of these men. They have all been convicted of violent crimes.

Anarchy in America’s Streets

I have said it before, and I will say it again: All Lives Matter. I will always say #AllLivesMatter whether they are white, black, Asian, Italian, French, male or female. And I will especially say that the lives of the unborn matter. They are rioting in the streets saying #BlackLivesMatter, but Planned Parenthood and devilish abortionists take more black lives than police, white people or other black people shooting each other in Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, etc.

Since the Black Lives Matter crowd doesn’t delineate between law abiding African Americans, black people committing violent crimes and unborn black babies they have picked a very poor poster child in George Floyd. Mind you, I have nothing against Mr. Floyd. While I wouldn’t have trusted him to hold my pistol while I urinated, I do not have anything against him. Methinks that #BLM should change their poster child to a black baby it its mother’s womb. I bet they would raise way more money if they did.

Check out my thoughts on #BLM/#Antifa/#Anarchy in my post from earlier this year:

When You’ve Had Enough

Theft of the Presidency/#NotMyPresident

I will never be convinced that the 2020 General Election was not stolen by #Leftist New World Order ideologues. EVER. The Democrats vying for their presidential nomination were all terrible. There was not one strong candidate in the entire bunch. But of all the candidates on the #DemonRat debate stage, #CreepyUncle Joe Biden was the worst. At the time he received their nomination, and selected #KneelingSlurpy Kamala Harris as his running mate, I figured the Democrats did it because they knew Trump would win and they did not want to waste any of their strong candidates in a losing battle against the very popular Donald Trump.

Hell, fucking Biden hardly left his basement to campaign, and when he did he spoke to 20-30 people. There was no enthusiasm for him or his running mate. NONE. I knew they would pick up the far left of the Democrat voting block and the never Trumpers. But with their unwillingness to condemn and call out Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA, as being #Anarchist criminals, I believed they would squander most all moderate Democrat and undecided voters – and they would cast their votes for the “law and order” candidate: Donald Trump. Damn, I was so wrong.

The difference between an excited base and a dead base

Even with the #COVIDHoax in full bloom, thousands and thousands of enthusiastic Trump supporters would wait for hours in heat, rain and cold just to see him. They would wave flags, set up “Drag the Interstate” rallies, hang Trump signs and flags at their homes and businesses. When I was riding in Middle Tennessee and the mountains of TN, GA, NC and SC all you would see were Trump signs with a few Biden/Harris signs scattered about. And there is this:

Enthusiastic Trump Supporters

There is absolutely – and I mean absolutely – no way Joe Biden got 80 million votes. The man in his delicate frail state would not qualify to be a assistant dog catcher in a community with no dogs. His base was not excited about his candidacy. He did not campaign for himself – letting a few surrogates do so for him. When Barack Obama stumped for him, he could not even draw a sizeable crowd.

On the night of November 3rd, I sat at home watching the numbers come in. My gal, @RacieSicilian, was on the phone with me the whole time. It appeared that Trump was going to run the table on Biden – which was what we expected. I turned the news coverage off at around 11 PM with Trump way ahead in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia – and doing well in Nevada and Arizona. When I woke up on Wednesday morning, his lead had vanished in every single one of these states except North Carolina – the only one of this list which would end up being “won” by Trump.

This election was stolen. Plain. And. Simple. The reason Biden did not campaign is because he was told the fix was in. He was the winner – guaranteed.

For months, the #Leftist New World Order assnozzles had plotted to defeat Trump. They could not get rid of him through impeachment, China Virus or Black Lives Matter. They knew he was going to win and their long-planned conspiracy to steal an election was well under way. It was accomplished by a fairly straightforward plan:

  1. Secure unsolicited mail-in voting
  2. Embed loyal Trump-hating poll workers in key battleground states
  3. Implement easily hacked voting machines in key battleground states
  4. Work with key judges, secretaries of state, and voting authorities to extend dates for receiving mail in ballots
  5. Have the mainstream media in your pocket

Let’s briefly look at each one of these key components to stealing the election

Secure unsolicited mail-in voting

The Leftist never-Trumpers worked tirelessly since early this year to secure unsolicited mail-in voting across the country. This involved convincing state election officials and judges that voters would be disenfranchised without the mail-in vote because of the #COVIDHoax. Once this was done, millions of unsolicited ballots were mailed to everyone who was registered to vote with an emphasis on states that were considered swing states. These ballots were sent to dead voters, illegal aliens, convicted felons and children not old enough to vote. This was their “Trump Card” – pun intended.

Embed Loyal Trump hating poll workers

This was not particularly hard for them to do as the most important precincts for them to control were in Democrat controlled cities like Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Phoenix. The precinct captains would already be Democrat and they could control things like poll watchers, stops in ballot counting, loading docks where fraudulent ballots could be delivered and covering count rooms with cardboard. Controlling these things would allow the counting of illegal votes, throwing out legal votes for Trump and bringing out suitcases filled with the ballots needed to ensure a Biden win would be fairly straightforward.

Implement Voting Machines/Software which is easily hacked

The Left had another trick up their sleeve. Dominion voting machines and its associated software could easily be hacked. While company executives said the machines were never online during the voting, this has been proven to be a lie. Additionally, key employees from Dominion were caught on video telling precinct workers how votes could be manipulated and changed. This happened in key swing states.

Dominion Voting Systems allowed the presidential election to be stolen

Work with key judges and election officials to extend the vote

While working to get the illegal unsolicited mail-in vote approved in many states, the #Leftists went to work with key judges and election officials in many states to change the election rules of these states. Some of the states which the #Leftists made illegal changes were Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. These are all key battleground states which the Democrats needed to win to capture the presidency. While election laws and rules can only be changed by the individual state legislatures, the #Leftists managed to succeed in changing rules in most all of these states.

Have the Mainstream Media in your pocket

This was perhaps the easiest thing the #Leftists needed to accomplish to steal the 2020 General Election. With CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post and New York Times all firmly talking heads for Democrats, the Left was pretty confident that they would squash any reports of election fraud. Not only did all of these so called news outlets fail to report much on the very real election fraud, Fox News also proved it was a Left-aligned MSM news outlet. This has been a big win for One America News Network and NewsMax. And by having the majority of the MSM only reporting on election fraud to mock it – the majority of the country believes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were fairly elected. They were not.


I am so glad that 2020 is almost in the history books. It has been the biggest fuck-fest of any of my 56 years on earth. Between the faux impeachment, the #CovidHoax, BLM/Antifa anarchy and to cap it off – a stolen election – our country has never experienced anything like this. I still have hope, going into Christmas, that Trump’s attorneys will be successful getting the illegal votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia thrown out. This would send the vote to the individual state legislatures – where each state would get one vote – ensuring four more years of Donald Trump. We cannot afford to take another full stride towards socialism in this country. Once our freedoms are gone, we may never get them back!

Merry Christmas!
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