About the Grey Beard Biker

The Grey Beard Biker Riding The Tail of the Dragon – May 2020

The Grey Beard Biker is Mike Noirot. Grey Beard has been in the software business for over 30 years and travels the entire United States for his work. In his free time, he enjoys shooting guns (he shot both long-range rifle and pistol competitively), top-shelf bourbons, high end cigars, photography, scuba diving (he is a SSI Master Diver), reading military history and, of course, riding motorcycles (A LOT). He also writes the monthly column, Bullet Points, for Thunder Roads Tennessee/Kentucky and other Thunder Roads affiliates.

The Grey Beard Biker at Shiloh National Military Park – June 2020

Living in Tennessee, the mountains are always a top destination, as are bike rallies, spots on the ocean and long rides through new areas. Major trips in the works are The Race of Gentlemen 2020, Sturgis 2021 and riding around the entire Great Lakes, date to-be-determined.

The Grey Ghost – born in September 2020

Grey Beard stays very politically active and is a conservative Libertarian, through-and-through. During elections, he typically supports Republicans as their platform most closely matches his beliefs in less government, capitalism, personal responsibility, lower taxes and supporting the Second Amendment – as it’s written.

The Grey Ghost is powered by a YUGE 117 CI Screaming Eagle V-Twin

Grey Beard has trained in self-defense for many years and is proficient in the use of firearms, fixed blade knives and batons. For several years he spent weekends at Montgomery County Shooting Complex as a Range Safety Officer. He is happily taken by a beautiful lady in the great state of North Carolina!

Grey Beard Biker

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