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Touring Bikes

Touring Bikes


The Tail of the Dragon is a marketing genius. Deal’s Gap Resort, US 129 Photos and Killboy have made a killing selling t-shirts, hats, stickers, pins, motel rooms and pictures. Before the road was promoted to gear heads, there was almost nothing at Deal’s Gap. That has changed big time over the last decade or two.

Nevertheless, we ride it most trips to Eastern Tennessee because it is included on the route to other great rides. This picture was from our last ride there on May 24. We were definitely dragging the right floorboard here – as we do throughout the Dragon. I ended up buying this picture from US 129 photos as it is a unique view that they had not captured of us before. The pictures are one of the things which make the Dragon a must-do in my opinion.

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Bike4Life on Gab

Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort

I have often said that unless your ride has a propellor, it does not need to be trailered. For the most part, I still believe that today. The reason you own a bike in the first place is to enjoy the journey – not necessarily the destination. Half the fun is in getting to where you are going – whether riding in a group – or by yourself.

There are certain advantages to trailering your bike, which over the past couple of years, the Grey Beard has come to appreciate:

  • You arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to ride
  • Since we usually are with another couple in the truck, we can easily talk all the way to the destination
  • You can definitely pack more clothes and gear
  • There is less wear and tear on your scoot
  • Air conditioning is your friend when it is hot

To trailer, or not to trailer, your bike is the question. I am still a bit torn about this. I am more accepting of it than I once was. It certainly does have its place. If we are going with our friends and can trailer our bike, the Grey Beard will certainly consider trailering. But then I am reminded of my last trip to Sturgis, many years ago. The ride there is across the plains and would be extremely boring in a vehicle. But on the bike, blasting across the “Big Sky” states, there is an unusual beauty to the vast openness which you cannot enjoy while in a cage.

What do you think?

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab