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Over the past forty years I have ridden all sorts of motorcycles from a little Kawasaki 90cc Enduro to motor cross bikes to large Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles (baggers) – and most recently adventure bikes. I cannot count the miles I have put on big cruisers and other scoots. It is definitely upwards of 1 million. I have more gear in my gear cabinets than I can possibly inventory. Some gear is immediately relegated to the “unused gear” box at the bottom of one of my gear cabinets. They become the misfits of bike gear. For this reason I have always been hesitant to review gear (not that I do not get approached regularly to do reviews!)- because I am actually very picky about gear that will take up precious space when I am riding. So I was very skeptical when Bryan Lee, from Viking Bags sent me an email to review one of their pieces of motorcycle luggage.

Viking Black Backpack

Viking Black Backpack

After agreeing to review Viking Cycle’s backpack, the first thing I must say is that their customer service is amazing. The day after I made the commitment for a review, I received a notification that it had been shipped to me via FedEx. The package was supposed to be delivered in two days, but it arrived at my doorstep the next day. This is the type of service one usually expects – but in today’s crazy environment – it seldom happens. Even though the package’s contents were not fragile is was very well packaged, which speaks volumes for Viking Cycle US.

When I inspected this backpack I was immediately impressed about how well it was constructed using 600D Cordura fabric.

Rain Flap

While their website lists the Viking Black Backpack as water resistant, they do include a very well made rain flap to keep your belongings dry when you are blasting around the Smoky Mountains in the inevitable rain squalls. Since I carry a lot of electronics with me when I am on my adventures, I appreciate having things like my MacBook Pro, external hard drives, GoPro video cameras, and such, well protected. This bag will do just this with the rain flap.

The Viking Black backpack with several days of clothing, electronics and my backup pistol

I chose to review a backpack because I have gotten into adventure bikes lately. The Triumph Tiger 800 has plenty of room for the gear I carry with me in my aftermarket SW-MOTECH TRAX ADV hard cases (watch for an upcoming review). But packing things like my valuable electronics and several days of clothes has been difficult for me. This backpack has plenty of room for two to three days of clothing and the electronics I will use during the trip.

One of the best features of this Viking Black backpack is that it has a protected sleeve for my MackBook Pro

I traveled to the mountains on my Triumph Tiger 800 in November. And based on the way this awesome piece of luggage is designed, I wish Bryan had approached me sooner to review it! This bag features everything you need to comfortably carry it loaded with clothing, electronics and other items you’d carry on an adventure bike trip. To help comfortably support the weight I will inevitably pack in it, it features heavy shoulder straps, a large belt strap with heavy D buckles and lastly a chest strap to keep it from shifting while I am leaning into the mountain switchbacks.

The Viking Black backpack features padded shoulder straps, heavy waist belt and chest strap
Besides being ultra functional this Viking Black backpack is very nice looking


It is just past the mid-point of a Middle Tennessee winter – UGH! But I am already planning a late March or early April trip to the Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains – and It will inevitably be on the Triumph Tiger 800 so I can ride some of the logging roads – which I missed this past November. I highly recommend you consider buying the Viking Black Backpack if you are the type who likes to pack up in a hurry and hit the road – like you know I do. But do not forget the other great gear from Viking Cylcle US:

  • Men and women’s clothing, jackets and accessories
  • Viking bags
  • Quality sidebags
  • Rain gear
  • Cold weather gear like leather jackets, chaps and riding gloves
  • Rifle and gun bags

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