Hold the presses! Wait just a minute! Your lovable Grey Beard Biker just learned something. The leading Democratic candidate for POTUS 2020 yesterday stated, “Know what I was most proud of? For eight years, there wasn’t one single hint of a scandal or a lie.” – Joe Biden at campaign stop in Iowa on June 12, 2019. This author is taken aback and apologizes to Biden, and Barack Obama, for ever claiming there was a scandal during their years running the Executive Branch! Really!

You know your Grey Beard Biker buddy is being sarcastic, right? Hell, sometimes I don’t even know when I am being serious. So, obviously, Joe Biden is either mentally deranged, forgetful or just a plain liar. Let’s recap a few scandals which embroiled the Obama/Biden administration, shall we??

  1. The New Black Panther Party indictment on voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 General Election – the charges were conveniently dropped by Obama AG Eric Holder (NBPP did not even show up to court before the charges were dropped)
  2. Green Energy Federal Loans to energy companies who supported the Obama presidency – including Solyndra – these cost taxpayers $80 billion – with nothing to show for it
  3. Iranian Ransom Payments – the Obama Administration sent plane loads of cash to Iran to release hostages – $400 million dollars in foreign currency was secretly sent by plane to Iran. But even a bigger sub-scandal was the fact that AG Loretta Lynch refused to answer Congress when they wanted to know where the “People’s Money” went! I guess Obama/Biden forgot the US policy on not paying ransom for hostage. How convenient!
  4. Fast & Furious – the gun running scandal which set up straw purchasers to obtain guns and send them to Mexico – it was proven that one of these guns was used to kill Border Patrol Agent, Brian A. Terry. After falsely claiming to have no knowledge of this illegal operation, AG Eric Holder, refused to answer Congressional questions or appear before Congress. Obama conveniently claimed Executive Privilege to all documents related to the operation – effectively sealing everything. Holder would be held in contempt of congress.
  5. The IRS Scandal – Remember how the IRS, with the complicit consent of Lois Lerner, targeted the tax exempt status of conservative groups? The Grey Beard Biker does! And the very worst scandal;
  6. The Benghazi Cover Up – After J. Christopher Stevens, US Ambassador to Libya, and three other people were killed in the terrorist attack at the US Embassy facility in Benghazi, the Obama administration quickly went to work to cover their tracks. Realizing this “non-scandal” could threaten their reelection in 2012, they quickly blamed an unknown producer of an anti-Muslim YouTube video for inciting the uncoordinated attack at the consulate, instead of confirming it was a well planned terrorist attack by Ansar al-Sharia. Additionally they claimed that no military assets were available even when they were. To add insult-to-injury, their administration stonewalled a congressional investigation by claiming they were in the midst of an internal investigation – code speak for coverup.

Obviously Joe Biden was simply mistaken when he made the bold claim of having no scandals during the Obama/Biden administration. But your lovable Grey Beard Biker thinks he was just acting like a normal Democrat – throw up a smoke screen and lie when the truth would hurt your narrative.

Grey Beard Biker

Biden’s Campaign Speech – Iowa – June 12, 2019

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