The Dallas, Texas Chief of Police, Renee Hall, has officially won Grey Beard Biker’s Stupidest Bloviation of the Day Award for June 4, 2019. You just cannot make this stuff up!

Stupidest Bloviation of the Day

“There are socioeconomic issues that are related to crime in individuals in this city,” Chief Hall said. She goes on to say, “In those instances, those individuals are forced to commit violent acts.”

Your ever so lovable Grey Beard Biker knows what words mean. When you say “forced,” what you mean is they had to do it. There was no free will. Perhaps this parochial whack-a-mole should have used, “…those individuals choose to commit violent acts.” Grey Beard Biker thinks it’s time for people to take responsibility for their actions. A violent criminal does not perform a heinous act because society forced them to do so. They are violent criminals because they are narcissistic and only care for themselves.

Congratulations, Chief Hall, you have won the inaugural Stupidest Bloviation of the Day award. You should be commended for your bloviation and are certainly a clodpoll.

The Grey Beard Biker


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