The Power of the Pen

Happy Friday, bikers, patriots and friends. It has been nine days since #SleepUncle Joe Biden was inaugurated 46th president of the United States. So many patriots looked on ruefully as he took the oath of office and gave his inauguration speech – the whole event being a charade with nary a Biden supporter present – which has been par for the course since he won the Democratic presidential nomination. And we all know that there was no way this senile old man was able to get 80+ million votes – but this is old news and it is too late to do anything about the election.

The new “savior of the people,” Joe Biden, is in a position now that he could work with congress to get his agenda put in place the way our Founding Fathers envisioned – through legislation passed by the representatives of the people and signed into law by him – as the chief executive officer of the United States. Both houses of congress are controlled by a Democrat majority – albeit by very slim margins – so getting his pet projects completed should be a simple matter of working with the legislative branch of the Federal government. But instead of going this route, King Joe has decided to do everything by executive fiat – or should I say executive orders (EOs).

Here is a list of some of Biden’s EOs:

  1. Directed Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to develop recommendations to modernize regulatory review process
  2. Extended deferrals of deportations of illegal aliens
  3. Halted construction of southern border wall
  4. Ended Trump’s alleged “Muslim” immigration ban
  5. Protect Dreamers by fortifying DACA
  6. Requirement to include non-citizens in the Federal census
  7. Rescinded Trump’s epic 1776 Commission
  8. Canceled the Keystone XL pipeline
  9. Rejoined the Paris Climate Accord
  10. Rejoined the World Health Organization
  11. Launched 100 Days Masking Challenge to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  12. Requirement to wear masks at airports and on planes, trains and ships
  13. Directed FEMA to create federally funded vaccination centers
  14. Establishment of a Pandemic Testing Board
  15. Restored collective bargaining power and set the groundwork for $15/hour minimum wage
  16. Establishment of a presidential envoy for climate at the National Security Council
  17. Eliminate Federal prison private contracts
  18. Provide Federal funds for abortions in other countries

All told, Emperor Biden has signed 42 executive orders in the nine days since his inauguration. And these have all been signed while the legislative branch has a Democrat majority. But I guess that makes sense since the current congress has had a singular focus since, inauguration day, which has been impeaching Donald Trump and getting a conviction in the senate: something which according to constitutional expert, Alan Dershowitz, is unconstitutional.


I find it very sad that the president, who has called for unity and claimed he would work to benefit all American people, has relied so heavily on the “Power of the Pen.” In my opinion, he has failed all Americans and is not acting presidential in even the slightest way. Unfortunately, I am certain there will be many more examples in the coming weeks of Biden operating via fiat rather than through the legislature which directly represents the people of the United States.

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