Dystopian Kryptonite – The Reality Czar

Happy Thursday, bikers, friends and Patriots! The week is finally winding down and Friday is in clear view. Hopefully, those of you that ride are getting a chance to do so. For those of you that don’t – won’t – or can’t ride, I hope you are able to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy doing this weekend! This Grey Beard Biker is looking forward to a weekend which promises sunshine and temps in the 50s – something we have not have experienced in Middle Tennessee for quite some time.

In case you were wondering what I have been up to lately – and I am sure there are lots of you who do ? – I have been reloading lots of ammunition, talking a great deal to my North Carolina Tarheel beauty, reading news, following back Patriots on Gab and smoking some awesome cigars! Unfortunately, I haven’t enjoyed a top-shelf bourbon for over a week, as I am out and seem more inclined to sit around the house in my pajamas than go out in the nasty ass weather we’ve been having. I know, I need to get my priorities in order! ?

So, speaking of news, I ran across a New York Times editorial yesterday that literally sent a chill through my bones: How The Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis, written by Kevin Roose – whoever the fuck he is. He obviously fell off the train departing for Intelligent City as it was leaving Dumbassville!

This express train never actually got out of Dumbassville!

Dystopian Kryptonite?

So the title I chose for this blog post may seem way the fuck out there… I get it. I actually found it hard to think of a title for this post because nothing I thought of could adequately describe the Orwellian ideas that the rapidly melting #Snowflake, Mr. Roose, is. His idea of having #CreepyUncle Joe Biden appoint a “Reality Czar” is because he is terrified of the dystopia conservatives inhabit here in the United States. And just in case some other citizens of Dumbassville read this post, and are of the same low IQ of Mr. Roose, here is the definition of dystopia:

I know all of y’all residents of Dumassville know what kryptonite is, because the assnozzle residents of the aforementioned village would never be able to understand anything more complicated than a superhero cartoon.

So, let me put this all together for you Dumbassvillians:

In other words, you are paralyzed in fear of conservative patriots who reside in dystopia. Mr. Roose’s “Reality Czar” will eradicate patriot free speech with his kryptonite so you do not have to quiver in fear any longer on a couch in your mama’s basement, while playing PacMan. Yeah, that’s about the jest of it. So, all of you residents of Dumbassville need to get a damn life, and let the old whiskery Grey Beard Biker provide you a damn lesson in commonsense: While heavy field artillery can hurt you – written words cannot. Just don’t read them. Ignore what we say and you won’t be frightened any longer. ?

So let’s look at a few of Mr. Roose’s less than enlightened ideas – based on his discussions with some “terrorism experts” who also reside in Dumbassville:

So obviously this assnozzle thinks all of us Patriots subscribe to the conspiracy theories of QAnon and believe Donald Trump would declare martial law. I am not a member of QAnon groups and I do not believe you can be a member of QAnon. But I do believe there is a huge #DeepState which QAnon believers preached of early on. Next:

So we Patriots have decided to create our own version of reality. Really? We know that certain facts are true. While COVID-19 is real, its mortality rate is no worse than that of the seasonal flu. We also know that states which opened as quickly as possible suffered no higher mortality rates than others. In fact, Mr. Roose, the governor we all know you worship, #DeathCamp Cuomo, murdered thousands of seniors by not utilizing the floating military hospital President Trump provided New York. You should be ashamed. But alas, we all know you are not. By the way, you and your minions live in the alternate universe – not us law abiding citizens. We are not part of the group of anarchists which burned down cities for the better part of year now. The violence mongers reside in your alternate reality.

Mr. Roose did not just bloviate his own thoughts or offer his own solutions. He actually spoke to Dr. Joan Donovan, a professor at Harvard. Need I say more? Harvard? Laugh my big fat biker ass off. The idiot professors at America’s ivy league schools need a YUGE dose of commonsense. They have commiserated far too long with other #Leftist #Socialists while drinking their lattes. In the real world we go to work. Raise our families. And solve problems. We do not create isolated caste systems like the one you live in.

Here it is! The Kryptonite armed Reality Czar! And then there is this:

When it comes to being ahead of the curve on burning our First Amendment right to freedom of speech, the fucking tech giants are way ahead of what any bureaucracy run by a reality czar could ever hope to accomplish. While these tech platforms stifle our free speech, they let leftists dox conservatives, gun owners and politicians who believe in the experiment our Founding Fathers launched in 1776. You see, Mr, Roose, the social media and tech companies do not care one damn bit about privacy laws if it silences conservative voices.

I have absolutely no idea what the Free Radicals Project is, but it must also be headquartered in Dumbassville. The problem with these groups, and liberal think tanks, in general, is that they all suffer from delusional fears of the truth. Yes, we all want jobs. But the very person you are calling on to create jobs is the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the senile old man, who with the stroke of a pen, eradicated 100s of thousands of good paying jobs – all on his first day at work. And lastly, Mr. Piccolini, there is no systemic racism in the “parallel universe” Mr. Roose says we reside in. We, unlike you and your associates, believe that all lives matter.


Patriots, like those who you wish to unleash your ideological reality czar on, are a moral God Fearing demographic who stand for the flag and kneel only to our God. We want to protect this experiment in a Democratic Republic which our Founding Fathers thankfully gave us over 240 years ago. We largely do not advocate violence, rather we embrace the free exchange of ideas – even yours. You will not hear us ask for a reality czar to relegate your ideas to the dustbin of stupid ideas – hiding it from people we should trust to use commonsense – which certainly is not so fucking common in the parallel universe of Dumbassville – where you reside.

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