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This is an exclusive Grey Beard Biker opinion piece. All opinions are his and his only. If you do not agree with them, please hop on your girly Honda Grom and motor away. – GBB

What the hell is going on with the America I grew up in? I mean, really? The shit we are seeing today is beyond unprecedented. It would literally be unfathomable, a scant seven months ago. And I am beyond pissed off. I am seriously pissed off. And all proud Americans should feel the same way I do. We are losing our identity so quickly I actually wonder if this proud republic will ever look the same. Our current state of affairs is not what our Founding Fathers envisioned when they drew up the Declaration of Independence 244 years ago. Many of them are probably rolling over in the graves right now thinking WTF?

A Brief History of 2020 – So Far

Here we are six months into a new decade. The things we have witnessed this year are unique, to say the least:

  1. An illegitimate presidential impeachment
  2. A worldwide pandemic
  3. Total anarchy in the streets of America

Friends, bikers and fellow patriots, you just cannot make this shit up. And I have a lot of opinions on why it’s happening. And you know me, I am about to share the full skinny with you. And it ain’t the least bit pretty,. Consider this post as being unsuitable for children, soy boys or little girls who can easily get their panties in a bunch. It will definitely melt the #snowflakes.

This entire year has been a well planned cabal to remove a legitimately elected president from office. Before the 2016 general election was finalized, the electoral college electors cast their votes and Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president, the #Leftists were calling for his impeachment. Coincidence? Hell no. They knew they were beat as soon as Wisconsin was called for DJT. So, let’s look at these three seemingly disconnected events from 2020.

The Impeachment of Donald John Trump

When representatives Nadler and Schiff, with Speaker Pelosi, drew up articles of impeachment, they obviously had a desired outcome. They wanted to remove a duly elected president because they were ideologically opposed to everything our president stood for. Hell, representative Maxine Waters has been calling for Trump’s impeachment since Trump won the election in November 2016. Let’s take a look at the many things the Democrats have made into scandals:

  1. Russian collusion
  2. James Comey firing
  3. Ukraine collusion
  4. Obstruction of impeachment proceedings
  5. Mishandling of Coronavirus

Obviously, #3 led to the drafting and eventual vote for the articles of impeachment. And now, they are still wanting to continue investigations into things they could use to impeach, or at least impugn, the character of Donald J. Trump ahead of the 2020 general election.

COVID-19 Pandemic

In what I prefer to call either the #CovidHoax or the #ChinaVirus, the Democrats believed they’d found the proverbial golden egg. In late December, while the House of Representatives were working on article of impeachment, word of Coronavirus was making its way around the globe. We knew people were dying in China but the entire picture of its severity was unknown.

In late January, Trump with input from his top advisors, announced a travel ban from flights originating in China. The left immediately latched on to this, calling him a xenophobe, and attempted to make another scandal out of it, saying it was a ploy to distract the American people from the impeachment. Nothing, of course, was further from the truth. He was trying to prevent unnecessarily bringing COVID-19 into the country. But, it did come.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared Coronavirus a pandemic. Travel restrictions between European countries, China and the Middle East quickly were put in place. This was, of course, after major U.S. airlines had already canceled flights between China and the U.S. and the Federal government had placed restrictions on travel. Trump’s decisions proved prescient and necessary but the leftist socialists in congress still called him a xenophobe. And worse yet, they called his response to COVID late and unmeasured. Wait, how could this be? He wanted travel restrictions earlier. He had taken to the podium, during the impeachment proceedings, to warn Americans that COVID was a threat to the United States. But they cannot have it both fucking ways. Trump proved correct in everything he proposed and did.

Now, over six months into this “pandemic,” we know Coronavirus is dangerous. It is real. But it is blown totally out of proportion. Early predictions from the CDC and the WHO were way the hell off. At one point we were told 100 million Americans would be infected and millions would die. What a damn bunch of hooey. We now know that the WHO and China colluded on COVID – holding back the magnitude of the infection.

Today, we find our states rolling back phases to combat what we all hear are huge increases in diagnoses. This is playing into a narrative that the Leftists need. But what we do know now, unequivocally, is that while cases are going up, death rates and overall mortality rates are declining rapidly. Forcing masks on us, rolling back into stronger social distancing requirements and closing businesses will do nothing to shrink increases in COVID cases. Period. End. Of. The. Damn. Story.

For me, the #ChinaFlu hit so much closer to home. Through God’s loving Grace, I met a beautiful, caring, intelligent woman. Online, of all places. I never dreamed I would meet such an amazing gal online, but it happened. And to say I love her may well be the biggest understatement I could ever make. I fell in love with her. We had been making plans to meet for some time. The timing proved problematic for us. But we had hoped to be together over a month ago. And THEN it happened. She was diagnosed with the #WuhanVirus. So, yes, because this damn thing hit so close to home, I know it is real. And I am pissed off. So pissed off that I want to get a nonstop flight to China and throat punch the son of bitches responsible for bringing this thingy onto the world – and infecting my lifetime love. But she and I will persevere – I can guarantee this. #ChinaIsToBlame and #ChinaMustPay.

#BLM, #Anitifa and the dismantling of our values

The Leftists are always looking for a crisis or calamity to use for their desired outcomes. The most explosive crisis was delivered to them on a silver platter with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This was a tragic event. It was unnecessary. But it was the kindling the anti-American left needed to stoke a fire which had legs enough to engulf America in a cauldron of destruction.

Within days, the protests started. Black Lives Matter quickly joined forces with Antifa and rioted in the streets of major cities across the country including Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Nashville. Pallets of bricks and bottled water magically appeared. Lodging and food was provided for the anarchists. Everywhere, destruction was left in their wake. People were injured. People died. Businesses were torn apart – many of which will never open again. Innocent people are continuing to be blindly attacked and young black children are dying in places like Chicago and Atlanta. Statues of America’s Founding Fathers, abolitionists, war heroes, Abraham Lincoln and Confederate officers are being torn down. Flags are burning. Chaos is in places you’d never expect. And the goal of the anarchists? Not one of them is intelligent enough to tell you. The assnozzles obviously don’t even know what the fuck they want. And most of the protesters are inevitably clueless to the overarching desires of #BLM and #Antifa. They seem to be in it for a good time.

Innocent man is executed in NYC while walking his daughter

We Must Unite, We Must Do Our Duty as Patriots

The majority of you reading this are inevitably bikers, patriots and God-Fearing citizens of this great Republic. We all recognize what is going on. It is clear as the writing in this post. The Leftists are attempting to use anything they can to create fear. To create uncertainty. To create doubt. They want us to bend to their will. When the Russian collusion narrative failed, they looked for something else. It came in a now defunct narrative of Donald Trump colluding with Ukraine to undermine his political rivals. It led to a failed impeachment. Then the #ChinaFlu fell into their laps – during the impeachment proceedings. Yet another crisis which Donald Trump is responsible for. Fresh calls for congressional hearings. Now, we have the #AnarchyCrisis delivered to them with a pretty bow wrapped around it. The death of George Floyd is being used by them. What a damn gift it is. The hits keep rolling, patriots. But we can take control. We must take control.

Today, we have to commit to each other that we will fight all enemies foreign and domestic. The biggest threat to us are homegrown terrorists. We must use every available resource to call out the crimes and treason the Leftists are using to tear us apart. They want us to bleed. We must not ever let that happen. Go to Twitter, Facebook and Parler. Call them onto the carpet. Get involved in counter protesting. Don’t let the anarchists’ voices drown out the voices of Patriots. March on state capitols and demand they take their cities back. Write your state and local representatives and demand action. Tweet to @realDonaldTrump and urge him to send in the National Guards of the states where anarchy rules major cities. We either take our country back or lose it. The choice is ours.

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life on Gab

Here we are fully into a beautiful spring in Middle Tennessee. The flowering cherry trees have bloomed and now have full branches of leaves. The dogwoods and redbuds are sporting their full colors. And, ironically, the area is all but shut down from COVID-19 – better known as Novel Coronavirus. Life seems to have been turned upside down.

Since its arrival in the Wuhan province of China, nearly 1.5 million people have contracted the virus world-wide. The United States leads all countries with over 490,000 cases and 18,000 deaths. When I venture out of my man cave the streets are nearly deserted. Businesses are closed – many to never reopen. There are cars about, but nothing compared to normal. And yes, we have the same shortages of toilet paper as the rest of the country. All the health clubs are closed. My favorite Mexican restaurant is open for carryout – including margaritas. Praise the Lord! (Can I get a big AMEN!! – LOL)

It is really a desperate situation our great country finds itself in. The politics of it all are beyond disgusting. Instead of coming together, in a bipartisan fashion (which is what our country has traditionally done), to help American businesses, and individuals, the recently passed $2 trillion stimulus package had to go back and forth as the DemonRats continued to push for their pet projects: aid for Planned Parenthood, aid for the Kennedy Center, nullification of certain presidential executive orders, hikes in the Federal minimum wage, requirements for airlines to go “green,” cash for airline clunkers, $10,000 in blanket student loan forgiveness, more Federal control over elections, requirements for the Department of Homeland Security to extend visas and work authorizations, limits on CBP’s abilities to shut down immigration processing facilities during the pandemic, Federal funding for sanctuary cities and expansions to Obamacare. Now what in the hell do any of these socialist wet dreams have to do with helping businesses and individuals? Absolutely nothing!!!

China lies about the origins of Novel Corona virus

China, WHO and the ultimate responsibility

Your ever-lovable Grey Beard Biker is very wise – at least most of the time. And he has had plenty of time to think about this whole COVID-19 thingy. Plenty of time. In fact, you have probably noticed I have not had any new blog posts lately. I have started several and would just get so agitated writing that I could not finish. Not that I had writing block, per se, but just because I could not get things written quite the way I wanted. So this post is based on my opinion only and is in your face – but that is just the way it has to be.

So here is my unvarnished take on this whole thing. China has been under severe financial duress. Our great president’s tariffs have sunk their financial largess. They cannot finance debt with no cash. The black market knockoffs cannot be sold for huge profits to the United States any longer. They are beyond their means and people are starving and eating vermin.

China used Coronavirus as a form of biological warfare. There is no doubt whatsoever. They lied about its origins. It was not caused by some Chinese person eating a bat in a damn wet market. Some of their military labs and biological labs are located in Wuhan. Coincidence? Hell fucking NO! It doesn’t take an economist and an infectious disease expert to realize a virus which can morph itself, spread through the air and become a pandemic would be a financial blow to the world markets, corporations, private businesses and individuals. China used this virus as warfare.

The World Health Organization is as guilty as China. They have allowed China’s lies to become the face of reality to the world. It is abominable. They need to be defunded by all nations. As an organization, dedicated to protecting the health of all the world’s people, they have failed in their mandate.

Final Thoughts

Presidents are judged by how they handle the crises they face. Abraham Lincoln saved the Union and freed the slaves. Franklin Delano Roosevelt ramped up U.S. manufacturing, supplying our allies, and assembled the strongest military ever seen in the world – winning World War II. John F. Kennedy stared the Soviet Union straight in the eye and ended the Cuban Missile Crisis without a shot being fired. Donald J. Trump will defeat the COVID-19 virus through his leadership – uncovering China’s culpability in this disease and punishing them. This is a given and is what keeps the Leftists up at night. They know he is #winnning again!

The Grey Beard Biker™️
@Biker4Life at Gab