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Virginia is on a roll. Today, the Virginia Citizens Defense League held its annual lobby day in Richmond. VCDL has been very active over the years with all things Second Amendment related in the commonwealth. With the new Democrat majorities in the Virginia house and senate, Governor Ralphie “Blackface” Northam is salivating over the opportunity to impose punitive new gun regulations on the citizens of his state. Today’s lobby day was expected to be a showdown between far left protesters and the gun owners of the state – with a guest appearance by Antifa. Fortunately, according to Cam Edwards, of Bearing Arms, it was mainly a productive day with no serious protests.

But not able to contain himself, and not willing to miss an opportunity to bash his opponents, Ralphie Tweeted:

Wait, what? This is absolutely absurd. According to Virginia’s Capitol Police, nearly 25,000 Second Amendment supporters showed up today. With all of these gun toters running around there had to be violence, right? (Said tongue in cheek!) No, Ralphie there was no violence because these were law abiding gun owners wanting to protect their God given rights. The only arrest was a young woman who refused to remove her mask. And the Grey Beard Biker would bet that she was not there supporting the Second Amendment!

Sheriffs say they will not confiscate guns and they stand for the #2A

Besides all of the proposed restrictions on the Second Amendment, the senate just announced SB399, know as the “National Popular Vote Compact.” This bill would require that all of the state’s electoral votes be awarded to whichever candidate wins the nation’s popular vote – instead of each elector voting based on the majority of the voters they represent. Your ever lovable Grey Beard Biker can only assume the Liberal Wack Jobs (LWJ) in Virginia believe that only Republicans can win the Electoral College – and not the popular vote. How stupid can they be? (This is a rhetorical question. We all know they are retarded assknozzles.)

A Microcosm of the United States

The Electoral College Protects Against The Two Coasts electing the president

Over my 55 years, I have seen a lot of changes in the political landscape of the United States. I have also seen the Democrat party slide further and further to the left. Democrat presidents like John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton would seem quite conservative compared to the new batch of lawmakers and presidential hopefuls fighting for the DNC nomination.

But what we are seeing right now is a microcosm of what we see on the national level. Nationally, we see three states controlling huge amounts of votes: California, New York and Illinois. The majority of voters in these states are very liberal – mostly progressive. When combined with other states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Washington and Oregon, the combined votes are becoming more difficult to overcome allowing a few geographic areas to control the majority of the country.

This is exactly what has happened in Virginia. The densely populated areas of Northern Virginia, Richmond and Virginia Beach are decisively controlling the rest of the state. This has culminated in a perfect storm slamming into the rest of the largely rural state – threatening to take away Second Amendment rights. Additionally, besides trying to control how the commonwealth’s electoral votes are given, they want to expand abortion rights, make voting easier (Liberal speak for no restrictions such as Voter ID) and fight climate change. With their legislative majorities and control of the executive branch there is little standing in the Democrats’ way of achieving their utopian dreams.

This is a very sad commentary on a state which had voted Republican in every presidential election since Eisenhower was elected in 1952 – with the lone exception being Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. But everything changed in 2008 with the arrival of Obama. Now, it is hard to see a path where a Republican presidential candidate receives a majority of votes in this now Blue state.

Lessons Learned

The rest of the country is beginning to recognize what I wrote about recently – the Left winning the long game. For years they have focused on indoctrinating our children – making sure the education they received strongly supported progressive views. They have introduced hatred and race baiting into political discourse – which has set race relations back several decades. They are moving to red states in droves – turning states like Florida, North Carolina and coming soon – Texas – from Red to Purple. I guess even the liberals in places like Illinois, New York, California and New Jersey cannot stand to live in states controlled by progressives!

We must remain on guard. It’s not just guns they want to take away. They want to take away our freedom of speech, our freedom to assemble and use race to drive a wedge between us. Not to mention providing Federal funding for abortions until the very moment of birth. There is no easy solution short of building walls around Red states to keep leftist progressives out!

Praying for a return to sanity,

The Grey Beard Biker™️
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Good evening fellow Patriots and bikers! This past week, your ever lovable Grey Beard Biker went “over the hills and through the woods” to visit his family. It is a six hour drive, on a good day, and provides plenty of time to catch up on podcasts. While most of them were repeats, GBB caught up on some episodes of Mark Walter’s Armed American Radio and Bearing ArmsCam & Company. Both of these podcasts are highly recommended by Grey and cover all things Second Amendment. Listening to Cam Edward’s final episodes from before Christmas break, I was stunned at the state of affairs in the great Commonwealth of Virginia.

Based on what I have read, and what Cam has reported, the Second Amendment is under direct assault in Virginia. Virginia has continued its creep, more quickly over the past several years, to being a full fledged BLUE state. It is really quite sad. But thanks to groups like Virginia Citizens Defense League, Second Amendment supporters are coming together to try to protect their God given rights. VCDL has worked tirelessly lately and counties and cities in Virginia are passing Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances which ban the use of municipal funds to enforce any laws passed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Black Face Promises New Gun Laws

Living in the Free State of Tennessee it is easy to forget how great we have things. The Second Amendment has not been threatened here since the state enacted concealed carry. In fact, as of January 1, 2020, the state is streamlining their permitting process for Handgun Carry Permits (HCP).

But things are not so rosy in the adjacent state of Virginia. There, Governor Ralph “Black Face” Northam was elected (primarily by the Democrats of Northern Virginia) on a far Leftist agenda which included restrictions on Virginians’ rights to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, after revealing yearbook photographs of Northam wearing a “black face” costume his liberal crony friends protected him and did not push for any punishment or sanctions. Just imagine if a Republican governor were caught doing something similar? There would inevitably be a push by the mainstream media (MSM) to recall them!

The timing of events, especially the Virginia Beach shooting on May 31, 2019, created the “Perfect Storm” for Northam to achieve his grand plan to disarm law abiding Virginians – leaving them helpless against criminals who do not give a damn about any laws Northam gets enacted. As reported by the Washington Examiner, on November 16, 2019, Northam’s legislative goals regarding the Second Amendment are: Universal Background checks on all purchases and transfers, bans on assault weapons, ammunition restrictions, bans on noise suppressors (called silencers by the Leftists) and bump stocks, limiting handgun purchases to one per month and enacting red flag laws. This is definitely the dream of every liberal politician in the United States! I am sure Black Face is quite excited!

Helping pave the way for Northam are the results of the November 2019 election in Virginia which gave the Democrats a ten seat majority in the House of Delegates and a two seat majority in the commonwealth’s senate. This may prove to be a significant challenge for Virginia gun owners.

The Climate in Virginia Today

As mentioned earlier in this blog post, the patriots of Virginia are not going to go down without a fight. According to Fox News, as of December 20, 85 of Virginia’s 95 counties, and 17 municipalities have passed sanctuary measures (and I believe Cam Edwards said more counties have adopted these laws since).

Not to be left out, Representative Donald McEachin (D-VA 4th District) stated on December 12, “I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law. That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.” What a damn assknozzle! First off, the governor cannot nationalize the National Guard. That would be the president. And while McEachin is obviously willing to fan the flames, this writer highly doubts that even “Black Face” Northam would ever agree to send the National Guard into communities to confiscate law abiding citizens’ firearms. But this demonstrates just how dangerous Leftist politicians can be when it comes to the Second Amendment.

This kind of behavior is not even remotely congruent to what the Democratic politicians in Virginia said when they were campaigning last year. What was heard most often was, “Relax. We are not coming for your guns.” What a damn can of hooey!

But today’s state of affairs in Virginia do provide a perfect example of how a purple state functions. The majority of the people of Virginia live in the areas known as Northern Virginia (Washington D.C. suburbs), Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake and Richmond. These voters control the legislature, with the more conservative voters (Patriots) in rural areas being held over a barrel.

What Can Virginians Do?

I feel for the Patriots of Virginia. The situation there is perilous and does go to prove that elections do have consequences. All of us, no matter where we live, have to stand up for our Second Amendment rights. One election can change the political landscape overnight and threaten our freedoms. Fortunately, with shows like Cam & Company and Armed American Radio, we do not live in a vacuum. Even though I am not in Virginia, I can keep tabs on what is going on with my neighbors.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is working diligently for Virginians. They are having their VCDL Lobby Day on Monday, January 20, 2020. They are requesting all Virginia Second Amendment advocates show up at the capitol in Richmond to meet with state legislators. They are chartering buses from major metro areas of Virginia for transportation. The cost is $35. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure your voices are heard. They ask that participants refrain from open-carrying long arms. While legal in Virginia, it would provide the mainstream media plenty of fodder for their leftist news stories. For more information check out their website: VCDL Lobby Day Info.

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