As reported on Bearing Arms, Obama was caught mischaracterizing Federal regulations regarding the buying of firearms in the United States. Coming from President Barack Obama, this does not surprise The Grey Beard Biker in any way. What does is the reaction it got from Politifact, which headlined its story with: Barack Obama wrong on limits of US gun laws, machine gun sales…

Here are some of Obama’s outrageous comments made at a technology conference in Brazil on May 9:

“Anybody can buy a gun at any time.”

This is patently false. There are lots of people who cannot purchase a firearm – legally:

  • Anyone convicted of a felony
  • Anyone involuntarily committed to a mental institution
  • Anyone who has renounced their citizenship
  • Anyone subject to a court order against harassing or threatening an intimate partner
  • Anyone dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Anyone under 18 for a long gun or 21 for a handgun

“They can buy it over the internet.”

This is also untrue. Guns purchased from gun sellers on-line have to be sent to a FFL in the buyer’s state. Plain and simple.

“They can buy machine guns.”

This may well be the most outlandish claim Obama made. Machine guns are automatic weapons – not semi-automatic. While specially licensed individuals can buy machine guns, ownership by the general public has been illegal since the passage of the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act in 1986.

The Grey Beard Biker also found rated Obama’s remarks as “untrue.”

Most of the fact-checker websites are very supportive of Obama. It is refreshing to see that they gave him Pinocchios for his comments in Brazil.

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